One Good Thing

There was a book exchange at the holiday party at Eila’s preschool last week.  Each kid brought a book, gift wrapped, to school, and then they each got one brought by another child.  I wasn’t there to see it, but apparently Eila’s response, upon opening her book, was “I don’t want THAT book!” and throwing it across the room.

When I heard this story, I realized I forgot to practice One Good Thing with her.  A rookie mistake heading into the holiday season.  I should have done it in November!  Anyway, better late than never.

So on Friday, I wrapped up some less-than-desirable “gifts” for Eila and gave them to her, with the instructions that she was to say one good thing about each thing she opened.  Here’s how she did:


I was very proud of her.

A side note:  The practice of finding One Good Thing when receiving gifts can be very easily and beneficially expanded to include life circumstances in general.  When life hands you something you’re not thrilled about, remember this.  Maybe it’s not what you asked for it.  Maybe you wouldn’t have chosen it.  And maybe in many ways, it kind of stinks.  But see if you can find One Good Thing about it.  You might be surprised at what you see.