Dancing, Pomegranates and Precious Minutes

Time for our latest family show and tell session.  Speaking of “show and tell,” that’s what Eila calls hotels.  As in, “We can sleep at the show and tell!”  If that’s not cute, I don’t know what is.  Here are some more things for you to see…

1) A video of Eila dressed up like a princess playing with Marley:

2) Some pictures from Eila’s new dance class (a birthday gift from Grandpa Jim and Susan):

Dance Class

It’s hard to get photos that aren’t blurry in a room full of moving children.

Dance Class

3) Kane tries to teach Marley to dance:

Kane and Marley Dance

4) We’re enjoying our new stroller, a gift from grandma “Bubba” Mary and Kate’s aunts, Barb and Ann:

New Stroller

Look, it goes fast…

5) Marley is still cute:


6) Produce home-delivery services are the best thing ever:

Organics to You

Organics to You

Organics to You

7) But so is making cookies…

Shaelyn Frosts Cookies

Davia Frosts Cookies

8) And a few minutes can mean whole lot.

Every night, after dinner and before bed, I spend a few minutes with each of the big girls in my room.  10 minutes for twins, 5 minutes for Eila.  Marley’s there, being a baby, but other than that, it’s just me and that one girl.  (Actually, for Eila’s 5 minutes, Kane takes Marley out and gets special moments with her.)  And it is honestly usually the best part of my day.  No matter what else has been going on, even if everyone’s fighting and grumbling right before that special time starts, it’s pure sweetness (mostly) during our designated time together.  The difference it makes is incredible and precious.  Here are some pictures of us during 10 Minutes.  Me and Shaelyn:

10 Minutes Shaelyn

Me and Davia:

10 Minutes Davia

And the big girls don’t mind at all that Marley’s there.  Really.  See?

That’s all I have time to share right now.  Love to all!

~~ Kate, Kane, Shaelyn, Davia, Eila and Marley


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jenna
    Nov 22, 2014 @ 15:37:01

    Love the big girl time idea!! I really struggle with this. It’s hard to find the energy at the end of the day. Well done, Kate!


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