Dancing, Pomegranates and Precious Minutes

Time for our latest family show and tell session.  Speaking of “show and tell,” that’s what Eila calls hotels.  As in, “We can sleep at the show and tell!”  If that’s not cute, I don’t know what is.  Here are some more things for you to see…

1) A video of Eila dressed up like a princess playing with Marley:

2) Some pictures from Eila’s new dance class (a birthday gift from Grandpa Jim and Susan):

Dance Class

It’s hard to get photos that aren’t blurry in a room full of moving children.

Dance Class

3) Kane tries to teach Marley to dance:

Kane and Marley Dance

4) We’re enjoying our new stroller, a gift from grandma “Bubba” Mary and Kate’s aunts, Barb and Ann:

New Stroller

Look, it goes fast…

5) Marley is still cute:


6) Produce home-delivery services are the best thing ever:

Organics to You

Organics to You

Organics to You

7) But so is making cookies…

Shaelyn Frosts Cookies

Davia Frosts Cookies

8) And a few minutes can mean whole lot.

Every night, after dinner and before bed, I spend a few minutes with each of the big girls in my room.  10 minutes for twins, 5 minutes for Eila.  Marley’s there, being a baby, but other than that, it’s just me and that one girl.  (Actually, for Eila’s 5 minutes, Kane takes Marley out and gets special moments with her.)  And it is honestly usually the best part of my day.  No matter what else has been going on, even if everyone’s fighting and grumbling right before that special time starts, it’s pure sweetness (mostly) during our designated time together.  The difference it makes is incredible and precious.  Here are some pictures of us during 10 Minutes.  Me and Shaelyn:

10 Minutes Shaelyn

Me and Davia:

10 Minutes Davia

And the big girls don’t mind at all that Marley’s there.  Really.  See?

That’s all I have time to share right now.  Love to all!

~~ Kate, Kane, Shaelyn, Davia, Eila and Marley


Halloween 2014

Lots of treats and some tricks at our house this year for Halloween.

For the past month or so (or however long Halloween decorations have been out in stores), Eila’s been really nervous about the whole ordeal.  Scared of practically everything related to Halloween.  So we had to cut back on a lot of our celebration.  Halloween is usually a top favorite holiday in our family, but this year we didn’t even put up decorations, because Eila wouldn’t have it.  As the big day approached, we weren’t getting our hopes up for Eila doing much in the way of trick-or-treating.  But we didn’t want to give up.

The day before Halloween, Thursday, we did a practice run at home while Kane and the big girls were away at work and school.  I got Marley and Eila dressed up, and Eila got to practice trick-or-treating at our house.  That looked like this:

Bee and Butterfly

Bee and Butterfly

Marley Bee

Marley Bee

Marley Bee

Better late than never, the girls and I carved pumpkins after school on Friday.  And we ate orange donuts, because donuts.  But we were having too much fun for me to take pictures.

Then Kane, who got off work early, met Eila, Marley and I at Orenco Station, a little commercial district near here, for a trick-or-treating event put on by some of the businesses there.  That was Eila’s second practice run with the trick-or-treating, and she did great.  She looked like this:


At Orenco Station and everywhere, I thought Eila’s costume would be the cutest, because look at it!  But those Orenco Station kids gave her a run for her money.  Some really amazing costumes there, including a train worn by a tiny little boy that Eila agreed was awesome.  Eila did great with everything, even though the event coincided with a torrential downpour (heavy even for Oregon).  In between collecting candy, she would sometimes say “They like me!  They really, really like me!”  Not sure where she got that, but it was pretty cute.

When we got home from that around 5 or 5:30, the big girls were almost ready to go in their homemade (by them) Greek Goddess costumes.  I set up a little area in the living room for doing their hair and make up (or what I would let them wear of make up, which was mostly just gold eye shadow).  That looked like this:


Marley had been through a lot of Halloween for a baby already by this time.  She smiled through first Practice Halloween, slept through second Practice Halloween, and then was ready to nurse through real Halloween.  So she looked like this:

Shaelyn holds bee


There was a little bit of tension in the house, as certain goddesses stressed out about whether we were leaving to trick or treat early enough, about whether the rain would close down Halloween, whether their timid little sister would ruin everything, etc.  That looked like this:

grumpy goddess

grumpy goddess

Kane got dressed up to go trick-or-treating, but I didn’t get a picture of him.  He wore his famous spoon, which looks like this:

Kane's Spoon

Everyone was ready to go, and not much time for pictures, but a few blurry goddess ones…



In the end, Eila did decide to trick-or-treat, so we all went out together, all six of us.  Here are the girls on the front porch.  You can see a little butterfly down there in the corner.  She wouldn’t hold still enough for any pictures.


Davia looking regal:


Eila did awesome with trick-or-treating, even in the dark.  She said things like, “That man was really, really nice!” as she walked away from a house, and “I think I not shy now!” after she bravely faced a large skeleton decoration.

And it all paid off.

Eila's Candy

Happy Halloween!