Goings On, Part 1 (grandparents, a photo shoot & the beach)

Life is in full effect at our house!  So much going on.  Probably too much to tell you about here at once, but too much not to share at least some of it.  So in no particular order, and with disregard for any central theme, here are some things that have been happening.  This is Part 1 of a 2-Post series!



We’ve been blessed with visits from some of our favorite people since Marley was born.  Kane’s parents came all the way from England…

Grandparents Visit

We had a wonderful time visiting with them and introducing them to Miss Marley.

Grandma Jan and Marley


And in what must be some sort of family record, Kate’s mom visited from California three times in the past couple months.  (The first time was planned… the second two were because we called her begging her to come back!)

Bubba and Marley


Bubba and Eila

We’re very lucky in that we have parents (and parents-in-law) that we enjoy being around, and we felt that all these visits were too short.  Come back soon!

Note:  If you’re a grandparent of Marley’s and have yet to meet her, you’re warmly invited to visit any time.  (Looking at you, Grandpa Jim and Susan!)


A Photo Shoot

I’m pretty sure the probability of your taking a good photograph of your kids is inversely related to the number of kids you have.  (One exception is the case of twins under the age of one year, because babies are cute, and two babies are simply twice as cute.  But once twins hit a year old, their relative mobility renders them impossible to capture in one shot, thus canceling out their advantage.)  Every additional child in a photograph is another chance that the shot will include closed eyes, scowling, nose picking, etc.  So that is why the following pictures are especially amazing.  And because the kids in them are gorgeous and wonderful.

4 girls


4 girls


4 girls


4 girls


The Beach

I wasn’t there, so I can’t really comment on these next pictures.  But basically, Kane, Shaelyn and Eila went to the beach.

Beach Sisters




Eila and Shaelyn




Shaelyn at Sea


Coming up in Part 2, corn, carrots and cut up T shirts!











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  1. Anonymous
    Oct 15, 2014 @ 22:52:42

    The ‘A Photo Shoot’ passage is for sure in your Top 5 Paragraphs Ever Written. I keep a ledger. ❤


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