Baby Belly Family Pics in a Garden

Right after this blog was born, and right before Eila was born, we did a family photo shoot in the woods.  This post from September of 2011 featured our pictures.  Remembering that time fondly, I recently decided I wanted to do a new, pre-baby family photo shoot.  So today, I dragged everyone out to a nearby community garden to take some pictures.

Our Family



Eila fell asleep in the car on the way there, so the first several photos of her looked like this…


Sleepy Eila



Shaelyn and Davia look like they fit right in among the sunflowers…


Shaelyn and Davia




As this was a community garden, signs were posted requesting that we not pick anything.  Looking at some of these pictures, I wonder if passersby might have suspected me of trying to smuggle out one of the larger pumpkins.

Kate and Big Girls




Our Family



Papa and his girls:

Kane and GIrls



And Mama and her girls:

Kate and Girls



And all of us again…

Our Family


Next time we do a family photo shoot, there will be a new little face in the mix!  Can’t wait to see it.  I think it will look something like this:

37 week ultrasound

lots of love,

Kate, Kane, Shaelyn, Davia, Eila and The Baby


Mother’s Helper Kits

With the new baby due in just a few short weeks, we’re very busy getting our home and family ready.  Lots to do!  One thing that’s a priority, of course, is preparing the big girls as best we can for the coming changes in our family and for their new roles.  There’s no road map on how to do that, so we’re kind of winging it.  (And any suggestions or tips would be welcome in the comments!)  But one part of our strategy is making sure the girls know that we recognize and appreciate the role they each play in the family.  With that in mind, we made them these Mother’s Helper Kits!  Each kit came with various tools and information for them to use in their big sister helpfulness.

Mother's Helper Kits

They each got their own official Mother’s Helper ID badge…

Eila's Badge


Shaelyn's Badge



Davia's Badge



Back of Badges

All three badges have this on the back.


And they got a print out of suggested ways to help when the new baby comes…

For both of the big girls.

For both of the big girls.


For Eila

For Eila


We included these, to show them that we appreciate the special and unique traits they each bring to our family:

Eila Love


Shaelyn Love



Davia Love


And with the hopes of making sure they understand that they are still children, and that the baby is not generally their responsibility, we gave them these “Off Duty” signs with instructions to use them any time they want.

Off Duty Sign


Each girl’s bag also contained some specially selected items we thought she might enjoy using to help with the baby.

Here’s Eila’s…

Eila's Stuff


Homemade hand sanitizer.  (All three girls got this one.)

Hand Sanitizer

A music box to play for the baby.  (When I pointed out to Eila that the song is “Let It Be,” a song I regularly sing to her at bed time, she immediately started singing “Let it BEEE!  Let it BEEEE!” but to the tune of “Let It Go,” from Frozen.  Oh well.)

Music Box



She called this toy a “tiger,” and we talked about how she could show the baby what sound a tiger makes.  (Or a lion, if she ever figures that out.)





Found this Big Sibling baby journal on Amazon…

Big Sibling Book


Here’s Shaelyn’s kit…

Shaelyn's Stuff


Shaelyn's Stuff


Here’s Davia’s kit…

Davia's Stuff


Davia's Stuff

And those are our Mother’s Helper Kits.  What else should we do to get these three big sisters ready?

37 weeks along tomorrow.  So soon now!  Stay tuned…

lots of love,

Kate, Kane, Shaelyn, Davia, Eila and…


P.S.  For those of you who’ve been asking if there’s anything we need or want for the new baby, here is a link to our baby registry on Amazon which lists a few things we could really use.

P.P.S. For those of you who’ve been asking if we have a name picked out, we do not!  (!!)  We’ll gladly take any name suggestions you may have.  And then, if they’re like any other of the ten thousand names we’ve considered, we’ll veto them for one reason or another.  Anyway, if you receive a birth announcement from us welcoming “Baby X,” that’s why.