Happy Birthday and the Apple of Discord

Kane is away working in San Francisco right now, and today is his birthday.  We were all sad we didn’t get to celebrate with him.  But we celebrated in our own ways.  See, Eila celebrated by doing a spot-on impression of Kane when she first woke up this morning:

Papa's Girl


Then at dinner, I was telling the girls the story of how the Trojan War started, with the Apple of Discord and what not.  If I’m remembering right, it goes like this:  Eris was mad about not being invited to a wedding, so she crashed the wedding and threw a golden apple with the words “for the prettiest one” (“kallisti” in Greek) onto a table in front of Athena, Hera and Aphrodite.  Then all chaos ensued.  Anyway, I’m reminded of that story all the time while watching the girls be their ultra-competitive twinny selves.  I’m pretty sure I could start a war myself by tossing those two a gift labeled “for the smartest one,” or “for the one who sings songs from Frozen best,” or whatever it is they’re currently competing over.

So anyway, I told them the story, and of course this inspired them to dress up and perform it.  That’s when we decided a video of them acting out the Apple of Discord scene would be the perfect birthday present for their papa.  Happy Birthday, Kane!

Note:  The video’s a mirror image, because I don’t know why.  But on the chalk board, it says “The wedding of Peleus and Thetis.”  And the thing stumbling around looking like a pink Cousin It is Eila.