Tuesday News Day

A couple years ago, in response to the big girls complaining about the virtual absence of art in their school curriculum, we came up with something we call “Art Wednesday”.  Which is basically just a weekly (ideally) after school art project we do together.  Then this year, we started doing “Mindful Mondays,” time set aside to discuss and practice mindfulness together.  (Why would one do that, you wonder?  Stuff like this and this and this and this, to mention just a few.)  The girls respond really well to this kind of special time.

We’re currently trying to build more routine into the girls’ lives, as part of a greater plan for increasing general family harmony and effectiveness in our home.  One thing we just started is Special Activity Time, which we’ll be doing every weekday after Tea at Three.

Tea at Three

Special Activity Time includes Art Wednesday and Mindful Monday.  And a new addition that the girls are very excited about is Tuesday News Day.  I had originally thought it could be a time for us to see what’s going on in the world.  But then I decided to try letting the girls do their own news and see what they came up with.

Please excuse the sloppy video.  The computer I’m used to making videos on, along with all its lovely video tools, died recently, so I had to do this the hard way.  That’s why, in addition to the poor quality, this video is getting posted on Friday night.  I do realized that might be a confusing time to share a video with “Tuesday” in the title.  Hopefully we’ll get the technical difficulties worked out soon so we can all be clear about what day it is!

So here you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Our very first Tuesday News Day!

Hope you liked it.  And hope everyone has a very nice weekend.  Because that starts tomorrow.  Don’t think it’s Wednesday when you wake up in the morning!

I’ll leave you with this photo of Eila earlier this week.  Til next time!  xoxox

Coloring can be exhausting!


Cup Song

I guess it’s been ages since we’ve posted anything here.  I wrote a New Years post that apparently never actually got posted.  The most recent entry on this blog is from last May.  So what I should probably post now is some sort of update on how and what we’re all doing these days.  But instead, I’m going to post three videos.  The first two, you might have seen on the internet.  The third, however, is a brand new release, starring our very own Eila Jean B.  I think it will be a hit.  (Especially with grandparents and others among us who share heart eyes for that kid.)

All three kids are really into the “Cup Song” these days.  For reference, if you don’t know what that means, here is what I’m talking about:

I actually saw that one after I saw this next one, a very beautiful rendition of the same song (and corresponding cup trick) done by school children in, I believe, Ireland.  Here’s that one:

Irish school kids do cup song:


Like I said, all three of our girls love this song and love to try and do the cup part of it to whatever degree their current skill level allows for.  It’s really cute when, any time the song comes on, they all scramble to get cups.  I wish I had a video of all three of them doing it, but I don’t.  But today, I was at least able to capture it with the baby.  So here you have Eila’s Cup Trick!

Note:  We have to give her a few seconds to notice what song is on.  And never mind the loud adult voice making goofy comments.  (Whoever that was.)


And that does it for today.  Thanks for visiting.   ‘Til next time!