Something Like Easter

Easter hopped in and out of our lives this year like a giant, pastel, clumsy bunny.  We were missing our Kane (who was down in California visiting his parents and sister), but on something like a trade, we landed two dear friends (Lori and Davey) of ours to stay the weekend with us and participate in all our Easter festivities.  I actually wasn’t feeling too good for most of the time, so the weekend was kind of a blur to me.  But I do know that I was surrounded by lots of laughter and joyful squeals and other indications that fun was being had.

I don’t think I got any great photos, but here’s the best of what I got:

You want my delicious homemade cupcakes.  You really do…



Oh, and the Kate, who was missing Kane, decided to make a Kane puppet type thing, so that it would be like he was there with us.  And it was just like the real thing!  Okay, almost.

kane and egg dye


kane and eila

kane and all three girls

kate and kane

kate, kane and shaelyn

Kate even took the Kane thing to bed with her.

Kate even took the Kane thing to bed with her.


In the morning, it was time for some chocolate madness.

easter girls

eila and easter chocobun

easter girls

And that was Easter 2013 at our house.

Hope you all had a lovely day, celebrating Easter, or if not, celebrating Sunday, or whatever.

Lots of love to all!!!