Our Trip to the Coast

We took our first family vacation to the coast (in Oregon anyway) a couple weeks ago.  We went and stayed the night in a yurt at Beverly Beach State Park, about ten miles north of Newport.  Then we went into town to visit the beach, have lunch and go the aquarium.  Lots of fun.  Here are some photos and videos from our trip…

The three girls at the campgrounds:

Campground Girls



Who has the cutest belly button?  It’s this kid:

Eila Yurt


Twins, in their element:

s and d in tree



And we heard the strangest bird on our morning walk.  Eager to play it for Grandpa Jim for identification, I got out the video camera.  However, Shaelyn and Davia identified it, roughly.  They at least ruled out the “bird” part.


Here are the three girls at the beach:

Beverly Beach Girls


Eila, her first time at the beach:



Big girls:

S and D



Kate and Eila


Kane and Eila



In The Waves

Baby in the Waves


Then we had lunch at the Savory Cafe.  The girls got fancy drinks (smoothies) and didn’t let those umbrellas go to waste.


Shaelyn at Lunch


Davia at Lunch

Even the pizza got fancy:

Fancy Pizza


And then the aquarium.






Eila at Aquarium


That’s our trip!

love to all,



What’s New and Stuff to Do

“Why is it that whenever I feel inspired and motivated enough to give this blog a thorough updating, it’s when I only have a few minutes to do so?”

The above quote was the beginning of a post to this blog that I started last night and then quickly saved and abandoned when something interrupted me.  I think that would be funny as a stand-alone-post, but since I have more to add today – and actually a few minutes to do it! – I’m going to just keep writing.  Quick!  While I have the chance!  Right?

No, seriously though, something is going to interrupt me again.  It’s only a matter of time.  So I’ll try and be quick with this update.  I’ll start it with a video of Eila in her “new” boots (new to Eila, used to belong to the lovely Lottie)…



Now I’ll tell you a few things (unrelated) and then wrap up with another video.  That is… unless something interrupts me.

Things to tell:

  1. Kane’s rocking his job back at Laika!  It’s such a great company to work for, and they do amazing work there.  Kane’s so happy to be a part of their team.  They’re working on a movie called Box Trolls, that’s due for release actually on S and D’s birthday in October of 2014!
  2. Speaking of birthdays, Kate’s is tomorrow!  The family will be heading to Portland tomorrow for some fun birthday adventures, followed by a cozy stay in a queen sized guest room at the Kennedy School.
  3. Speaking of tomorrow, Shaelyn and Davia start their “We-Build Robotics” class at the Saturday Academy in Portland tomorrow morning, where they will be building and engineering robots made of legos!  (The class was an awesome Christmas gift from Grandma Bubba.)
  4. Speaking of Shaelyn, guess who is the student council representative for her class this semester?  It’s Shaelyn!  We’re so proud of her for taking the initiative, and having the courage, to apply, and we’re thrilled that she was elected.  Go Shaelyn!
  5. Both Davia and Shaelyn just earned shining marks on their second report cards of the year, and they’re both apparently star students.  Great job, girls!
  6. Eila has a new dance move that involves hearing music, pausing, wiggling her head ever so slightly, and then dropping her butt to the floor for some major wiggling.  It’s awesome.  Don’t know where she got it though.  That’s actually not one of my moves.
  7. Kate’s very excited to be starting her small business class next month.
  8. Everyone’s very excited that Bubba’s coming to visit in a couple weeks.
  9. Oh, and on President’s Day weekend, we have plans to visit the Oregon coast for the first time.  We’ll go to the aquarium (thanks to another Christmas present, from Grandpa Jim) and stay the night in a yurt at Beverley Beach State Park.  Fun!

So there’s a lot of fun going on right now and a lot of good things to look forward to.

Now quick!  Before that interruption comes, let’s get another video in here!



That’s all for now.  Hope you all have a very fun and relaxing Kate’s-Birthday Weekend!!  Love to all.

Our Baby, Walking and Talking

Here are two recent videos of Eila for you tonight!

The first, some of you may have seen already, but it’s cute enough to post again here…

The second is fresh from this afternoon.  It’s Eila’s first walk outside without a stroller or her wagon.  I mean, she’s technically walked outside before this.  But this is the first time we went for a walk with her just on her two shoes (which she is still getting used to).  The walk didn’t last much longer than the video, because I got tired of walking in circles and stopping her from waddling into the street.  But it was fun while it lasted.  See here…

I’ll try to catch up more with everything else that’s been going on soon.  Right now, I have to run.

Lots of love to everyone!