Saturday Market

If you’ve been to Portland any time since the mid 70’s, you’ve probably heard of the Portland Saturday Market.  It’s a huge, outdoor event.  You could call it a craft fair, but it’s really so much more than that, with various entertainment, an awesome selection of food and drinks, and tons of amazing locally crafted art and other goods for sale.  And it really is huge.  So fun!

Anyway, we took our Thanksgiving visitors there this past Saturday and had a great time.  See it here!







The kids’ favorite thing about the Market is its world-famous Elephant Ears.  (Sweet, fried, whole grain dough things with your choice of delicious toppings.)



Shaelyn eats an elephant ear.


Davia eats an elephant ear.


Julia finishing her elephant ear.


Rosalind thoughtfully eating her Elephant Ear





Julia and Rosalind


Renny with Eila


Justin holds the baby.


Lori holds Roxie like a baby.


I think everyone had a pretty good time.  I know I did.  It was really special having all our visitors here for Thanksgiving, and I think the whole weekend was a great success.  I hope it was worth the long drive for all of them, as they all came up from California by car.  We really appreciated that they made that trip to be with us over the holiday.  Such a special time.

Hope everyone else had a nice Thanksgiving and long weekend.

Love to all!


Election Night at Our House

I know Election Day was some days ago, but I’m just getting around to posting about it now.  What a night it was!
We had an Election Night “party”, which means Shaelyn, Davia, Eila, Lori and I hung out at home, waiting for the election to be over.  Well, not just waiting.  We also monitored the event through various internet news sources as the evening progressed.  But I think all five of us were looking forward to it being over.  (Maybe not Eila.)

To prepare ourselves, we purchased the following provisions:

…as well as frozen Indian food for dinner.  We were too stressed out to cook.  Elections are tense times!

While Lori sat glued to her computer, shouting out numbers, expletives, colors (mostly “red” and “blue”) and cheers, I was too anxious to pay close attention.  So I did things like shower.  I may have showered twice.

Here is how Shaelyn and Davia spent the night, in front of the TV…

They were in front of the TV, but they weren’t watching election coverage.  They were watching The Cosby Show.

(Oh, and… uh… don’t worry about those things that look like very unwell infants flopped on either side of the girls.  Those are just their zombie babies.)

At one point, I thought it would be cute to make a news-coverage-style video with Eila, but that didn’t turn out so well.  Just well enough for me to make this…

And that’s a wrap!

We all went to bed pretty happy that night anyway.

Party, Party, a Pumpkin-Carving Party!

This is a little late, I know.  You’ve probably all taken down any Halloween decorations you may have put up.  Your costumes are back on a shelf in the garage.  Your jack-o-lanterns are in the compost bin out back.  Of course, that’s YOU, not us.  Our jack-o-lanterns are rotting on our front porch.  Fake (and some real) cobwebs remain draped over the bushes in the front yard, and lanyards of skulls and skeletons and pumpkins are randomly draped around the house.  I’m pretty sure one of the girls is still wearing her Halloween costume.

But anyway, better late than never.  A day or two before Halloween, we had our annual pumpkin carving party.  By “annual”, I mean it happened last year too.  By “party”, I mean there were decorations and a celebratory vibe.  No guests required at a party at our house, although this year we did happen to have one.  When the girls got home from school, I had staged the carving area for them.

Then, let the fun begin!














It was a good time.