Happy Birthday, Eila!!!

Eila is one year old today!

Exactly one year ago today, I was snuggled in bed with my husband and our hours-old baby girl, in a beautiful room at the best Birth Center in Portland, OR.  (If you want to see our beautiful room, click on “Madrona” at the bottom of this page.)  We were exhausted from a long night but in complete awe of our new daughter and of what had just happened.  She had been born around 2:30 in the morning, so we were probably in and out of sleep by this time.  (As I write this it’s 6:30 am.)  But whether asleep or awake, we were definitely snuggled together in bed, as that’s where we were lucky enough to spend the next two days after her birth.  We were waited on hand and foot, our every need anticipated by the awesome staff at the birth center.  And Eila never left our sides.  I remember it as completely magical.

(The two big sisters were at our house with Bubba, Kate’s mom, and came to visit their parents and new little sister a few hours after this.  Missing them was the hardest – and maybe the only hard – part about being in the birth center.  But we knew they were having a great time with their beloved Bubba.)

Right now, as I’m writing this, Eila is standing at the front window of the house house rolling a little toy car along the window sill.  Uh oh, she has just started whimpering.  I guess I had better go play with my big one-year-old girl!  First, a few pictures.  (Of course!)













And I haven’t got one of her today yet.  I just tried taking a “One Year Old” video, but I’m having a hard time loading it.  So I’ll just leave you with a few classics.  Some major milestones in Eila’s first year…





Happy Birthday, to the sweetest, fiercest, boldest, most loving and charming 1-year-old this side of Jupiter!

We love you, Eila.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lorian Franklin Dunlop
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 09:39:02

    Happy birthday to Eila!!! It doesn’t seem possible it’s been a year already, but you have the pictures to prove it!!! Love to all of you!


  2. MakingSpace
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 10:08:17

    Happy Birthday Eila! Cutest li’l button ever.


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