The Swing of Things

What do kids love more than a hammock? Almost nothing.

Thanks to Lori, we now have a hammock on our back deck, and Shaelyn and Davia just love it.  Here they are lounging in it on Friday evening…




And here they are sharing the fun with their baby sister…



You might have noticed that S and D are wearing strange words on their fronts.  I don’t mean the words are strange because they’re in Spanish, although they are.  I mean they’re strange, because they’re Spanish for “Rabbit Monkey” and “Goose Poop.”  But I can explain.  We’ve started a Friday evening tradition of having a festive dinner themed around a place or country.  This week it was Spain, and one of our festive activities was choosing names for ourselves in Spanish, and then making everyone else call us that the whole evening.  If someone forgot, they had to do a funny dance.  I feel like I was doing funny dances all night long, but I now realize that’s because, as the mama, I’m the one who always has to say “Hey So and So!  Stop that!”  Often in a hurry.  (Like “Don’t drop the baby!” or “Don’t fall down the stairs!” or “Stop!  That’s hot!”)  So there’s no time for remembering strange names.  But luckily, I’m very good at silly dancing.

Fun times.

In other news, Kane comes home to visit for a couple days today.  He should arrive at the Portland train station at 3, where he will be greeted by a bunch of smiling girls.  Can’t wait to see him!

Here’s wishing everyone out there a happy weekend!


lava la ropa


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  1. makingspace1
    Sep 01, 2012 @ 11:33:57

    Fantastico! Also, I had those red Fuzzi Bunz when my girls were babies…


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