Our Geocache Adventure! (with photojournal)

Ever heard of geocaching?  If not, I’ll summarize by saying it’s a sort of a worldwide treasure hunt.  I use the word “treasure” there loosely.  It’s not a search for gold or jewels or doubloons or anything like that.  It’s more of a treasure of the spirit.  Of community and adventure and problem-solving and fun.  But there is some tangible treasure involved.  Hey, we made out yesterday with a small Papa Smurf figurine.  Try telling Davia that’s not treasure.

Anyway, if you’re the type who enjoys learning about something on the internet with a video, here’s geocaching in a video:



If you’re the type who needs a verbal description of geocaching, here’s what they say it is on their website:

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

And here’s the rules:

  1. If you take something from the geocache (or “cache”), leave something of equal or greater value.
  2. Write about your find in the cache logbook.
  3. Log your experience at www.geocaching.com.



But if you’re the type of person who learns best about something from a photo journal documenting the subject matter, you’re in luck!  Because we went geocaching yesterday, and I took pictures.  Enjoy!

The team of explorers included myself, Lori, Shaelyn, Davia, the girls’ neighborhood friend Hope, Eila and Roxie the dog.

Three girls and a dog, on a mission.

Our littlest explorer, Eila.

We used a GPS app specifically for geocaching on Lori’s phone.

The biggest explorers.

Davia came prepared with basket for collecting treasures.

Lori’s phone tells us we’re in the general vicinity of the treasure!

Shaelyn, under a tree at the site.

Every once in awhile Lori would read a clue or someone would announce an idea. Here, an inspired Davia, runs.

Shaelyn searches, suggests the perspective of apples as treasure.

Girls on site, still looking.

Davia and Shaelyn keep hunting, in their own separate ways.

Maybe it’s hidden near this old house!

Lori reads a clue from her phone.

Eila is watching all the action.

We learn that this house is the oldest in our whole county!

Shaelyn’s looking…

Eila quite enjoys geocaching.

Getting warmer!

It’s gotta be around here somewhere!!

The treasure is located! Success!!

So exciting! We did it!

It feels good to find treasure. See Davia rejoice here.

Once you find the treasure capsule, you get to open it.

Each geocache has a log book in it. This was Kate’s favorite part.

Lori enters our discovery in the log book.

Our furriest explorer.

What a fun time we had!


Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

Oopsies!  Sorry to any of you who tried to view this video before I realized I had accidentally left it set on private.  Should be fixed now.  It was originally made just for Kane, to be sent to him in an email, but I am technologically challenged, and somehow this way ended up being easier.  So now he can see it (hopefully) and so can all of you!!

Two years ago today, Kane and I were married.

Here’s a video about that.  Sorry about the quality.
Hope you like it!

Happy Anniversary, Kane!!  I love you forever.

so much love,


Shhhh! I’m trying to blog.

Quick!  Everyone be silent!  No one call “MAMAAAA!” from the next room, or make my phone ring (I probably can’t find it anyway), or fall off a chair and bump their head, or ask me where their other shoe is, or scratch at my door, or pull someone’s hair, or knock at my door asking (again) if the grounded child can come out to play, or anything like that!  Just SSSHHHHH!

Just wait a second.  I need to update our blog.  (P.S. If anyone knows how to pause time, that would be an awesome help, since so very many of my time-suckers don’t even come near any of the situations mentioned above.)  But I think maybe… just maybe… I have time to tell you what’s been going on around here.

But who am I kidding?  No, I don’t.  What I have time to do is haphazardly slap a bunch of recent photos onto this post, hopefully even with captions, and then get back to it.  Life is busy.  You all know that.  You’re busy too.  I know that.  How anyone manages to keep up with telling their life story (or even a fraction of it) while living it (or even a fraction of it) is beyond me.

Wait, what was I saying?  I had to go check on a dog-barking, door-knocking, kid-questioning situation.  I lost my place.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures.

on the way to a brunch at our friend’s house

Davia and Shaelyn

Eila crawling in friend’s yard at brunch thing

Hammocks are still fun!

So fun!

Baths are still fun too.

And bath toys are tasty.

Kids like walking dogs.

Girls and Lori at Lake

Girls and Kate at Lake

Eila at the lake

Yeah, we’re all mad here.



Eating dinner out of doors!


We were lucky enough to be joined by President Obama for patio dining.


Daytime balcony fun. (Shaelyn and Eila)


Walking at sunset, with friend.


A bunch of girls pose on a walk during sunset.

That’s it!  No, that’s not all the pictures I have.  That’s all the time I have to post them!

I’m off to wrangle children and other mammals, put this house on lock-down for the night and eat some tapas before turning the bedtime on myself and hitting the pillow.  Hard.

Goodnight, all!



Third Grader Girls!!!

Guess who’s started third grade now!!  It’s Shaelyn and Davia.  They’re amazing.  Only three days into the school year, they’re rocking it.  I’ve already received positive feedback from both of their teachers.  And I’m optimistically looking forward to volunteering in both their classes this year.  They’re both happy with their new teachers.  Things are looking good, school-wise.

This picture was taken as the girls walked home from their first day of third grade.  Aren’t they radiant?  We’re all so proud of them.
Meanwhile, the feel of summer lingers, and playing with neighborhood friends, whether after school hours or on weekends, remains a priority for our growing girls.  Here are a few pictures snapped this afternoon of Shaelyn and Davia with some of their favorite neighbor friends….

Here’s wishing Shaelyn and Davia both a productive, successful and happy third grade year.  May they learn things that inspire them.  May they make new friends and keep the old.  May their intense curiosity and hunger for knowledge continue to characterize them.  May they achieve all their goals and make new ones boldly.  May they discover new things about themselves and love what they find.  May they see themselves and each other with the same awe and appreciation so many of us see them with.  May their enthusiasm, reverence and passion continue to touch and inspire all of us lucky enough to know them.  I know all their friends and family are rooting for them, waiting eagerly to see what’s next to come from these two such special girls.

Shaelyn and Davia!  Best of luck in this new school year.  We all believe in you.  Love you girls.

The Swing of Things

What do kids love more than a hammock? Almost nothing.

Thanks to Lori, we now have a hammock on our back deck, and Shaelyn and Davia just love it.  Here they are lounging in it on Friday evening…




And here they are sharing the fun with their baby sister…



You might have noticed that S and D are wearing strange words on their fronts.  I don’t mean the words are strange because they’re in Spanish, although they are.  I mean they’re strange, because they’re Spanish for “Rabbit Monkey” and “Goose Poop.”  But I can explain.  We’ve started a Friday evening tradition of having a festive dinner themed around a place or country.  This week it was Spain, and one of our festive activities was choosing names for ourselves in Spanish, and then making everyone else call us that the whole evening.  If someone forgot, they had to do a funny dance.  I feel like I was doing funny dances all night long, but I now realize that’s because, as the mama, I’m the one who always has to say “Hey So and So!  Stop that!”  Often in a hurry.  (Like “Don’t drop the baby!” or “Don’t fall down the stairs!” or “Stop!  That’s hot!”)  So there’s no time for remembering strange names.  But luckily, I’m very good at silly dancing.

Fun times.

In other news, Kane comes home to visit for a couple days today.  He should arrive at the Portland train station at 3, where he will be greeted by a bunch of smiling girls.  Can’t wait to see him!

Here’s wishing everyone out there a happy weekend!


lava la ropa