Out Today, it’s Paranorman!!!

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here!  Paranorman, the movie Kane was working on at Laika and the reason we moved to Portland in the first place, is out in theaters today.  Yay!!

NPR is talking about it here.

Time is talking about it here.

Wired.com tells you 10 things you should know about it here.

I could go on, but you can Google it yourself if you’re interested.  There’s a lot of buzz, and from what I’m seeing, it’s almost all good.

And I have to say, this is totally atypical for us to be pushing a movie Kane worked on.  And we’ve never been counting down the days ’til one opened like this.  Some of them we don’t even watch at all.  But this one’s different.  And you should really, really see it.  Not because Kane worked on it (he works hard and flexes his genius for ALL the movies he works on), but because this one really is amazing and awesome and totally worth seeing.  Hmm, I guess I should admit here that I haven’t exactly seen it myself yet… However, I did see some of the making of it, and I do know how much time and energy and creativity went into it.  And… oh, just see it!


P.S.  For the record, Kane’s pay for this project is not at all affected by its success at the box office, and he has nothing monetary to gain from you (or anyone else) going to see this movie.


In case anyone’s still not convinced, I’ll leave you with this:


People, you can’t make this stuff up!  (Only Laika can.)



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