Vancouver, B.C., in August







I keep trying to post about our trip to Vancouver last weekend, but it’s already almost Friday, and it’s not happening so far.  So I’ll do a picture post, with captions, in hopes that that’s sufficient for now.  Above, you’ll see a picture of Kane, Eila and Kate in a Vancouver park near Kane’s fancy, temporary apartment, courtesy of his employer.  (The apartment was courtesy of his employer – not the park.)  Below, you’ll see Shaelyn and Davia, enjoying that same park, atop a fountain.

Kane’s apartment building had a swimming pool on the 6th floor!  Did I mention it was fancy?  We all swam at least once during the visit.

And as if a 6th-floor swimming pool weren’t cool enough, there was also an 8th-floor terrace!  One early morning, Shaelyn, Eila and Kate ventured up there to catch a nice view of the city.

And back to the park we went.  Shaelyn and Davia climbed on a rock thing.

And more fountain action…

Sisters swinging…

Davia (the monkey of the family) climbing…

We also got to see Kane’s lovely new, longer-term apartment before we left, and we met his wonderful new roommate, but we didn’t get any pictures of that.

On our way home, Shaelyn and Davia ate ice cream by the border, paid for half in Canadian currency and half in USAmerican, and then they ate that ice cream outside the duty free shop where Kate bought maple candies, so as not to leave the country with more money than she wanted to put in a scrap book.  She was forgetting that we’ll probably be returning in the somewhat near future, and that Canadian money is not completely useless if not spent on maple candies.  (But mmm… maple candies!)

We weathered the 40-minute wait to re-enter the United States, flashed our passports, and then revved our oil-leaking engine, on our way home again.  For now.

We miss Kane a lot.  It was wonderful to see him.  Hope it’s not too long until we meet again.

Love to all!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kane
    Aug 09, 2012 @ 22:12:32

    No hotel pictures? 😉

    Come back soon!!!


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