(How’d that title work for you?  Get it?  “Eilastones”… like “milestones?”  No?  Oh well.)

Eila is hitting all kinds of milestones, being the best baby she (or any baby) could be.  She crawls… kind of.  Okay, she crawls backwards.  But that’s still moving!  And she signs!  Okay, she only signs one sign.  It’s the sign for “more” (the easiest sign to teach babies, since it inherently involves a reward).  And technically, I suppose she does it wrong, because she just does a one-handed version of it.  But that’s not her fault.  It’s for one of two reasons:  One, her left hand often seems to get stuck behind her in her high chair.  Or two, whenever I do the sign for more, I have a spoon with food in it in my right hand, so it probably looks like I’m mostly signing with my left hand.  Anyway, here’s our brilliant baby signing “more”.  (P.S.  You can see that at one point in this video, she actually does do it with both hands.  That’s the only time I’ve seen her do that, but I guess that shows that she knows the correct sign.  Maybe she just has a lazy arm.)



And here is Eila, working on her “standing up”.  It’s her papa’s favorite game to play with her.

And here they go again…

I especially like that one, because you can see Shaelyn’s art gallery on the wall behind them.  She’s got some amazing pieces up there, and she’s adding to it all the time.

But back to Eila, since that’s what this post is about.  Here she is, working on her pincer grasp.  That’s just fancy child development talk for picking up small things.  Look at her go!




Also, she has teeth!  Want to see?


And see again…

And finally, here’s Eila wearing a new bib that came in the mail just the other day from her aunt Jenna in England:

We continue to be amazed by and overjoyed with Eila every single day.  She’s such a lovely little person.  Becoming more and more so (which didn’t seem possible) the older she gets.  What a baby!


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