Fun at the Falls with Friends!

(I love alliteration!)

The three girls and I had a great time meeting up with some friends out at Multnomah Falls yesterday.  The waterfall is absolutely, breath-takingly, gasp-inducingly gorgeous.  The tip top part was temporarily closed, so we couldn’t walk to it, but we wouldn’t have made it anyway.  Someone among us got too tired.  Okay, fine, it was me.  In my defense, I was carrying the baby and the diaper bag.  Against my defense, it was not that far nor steep a climb.  Let’s face it, I get winded walking up the (HALF-flights) of stairs in our house.  But everyone there was a sport about it, and we went far enough to see the falls, get splashed, look up, look down, and for the girls to make friends with a small colony of spittle bugs.


And we had two sets of 8-year-old twins in our group!  How cool is that?  The girls all got along fabulously, and no one was pissy or difficult.  (I always consider such an outing a huge success.)  Eila was a champ, despite being dropped out of her Moby Wrap (the infant carrier I was wearing her in) as I leaned over to pick something up.  Don’t worry, I caught her – upside down – by the legs.  It was an ugly scene but had a happy, or at least neutral, ending.

The adults got along fabulously too, and it was a real treat for me to get to spend time with a dear friend in such a beautiful place.  And with all our young’ns!   You’ll notice here (in the above photo), Eila is not in a Moby Wrap anymore.  I love the Moby, but I got freaked out by the whole her-falling-out ordeal and moved her to a pouch sling!  Yes, that’s right, I brought them both with us.

Shaelyn took a few great pictures of the falls and asked that I post them here.  So here they are…

photo by Shaelyn


photo by Shaelyn

photo by Shaelyn

That last one was taken looking down from the bridge that crosses the falls.  If I wasn’t so distracted by Eila and being out of breath, I surely would have been panicking, convinced that my other two babies would plummet to their death through the cracks in the bridge.  That’s typically my natural response to having my children near water.  But I was fine this time.

And here’s a thing:  If you have a kid who doesn’t like having their picture taken, try asking them to pose inside a hollowed out tree.  S and D weren’t having a particularly camera-shy day, but they do have days like that.  And I’m pretty sure the enthusiasm they had for posing in this tree would have outweighed any objection they might have had to having their picture taken…




What a fun day!  Many thanks to Kirsten and her lovely girls for joining us.  And to all you friends and family elsewhere, I know you’re thinking this looks fun.  Come visit!  We promise not to drop you, and we’ll even let you pose for a photo in a tree.

lots of love,




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kirsten
    Jun 30, 2012 @ 05:36:45

    We had such a great time with you! Thank you for the lovely day. Let’s do it again soon.


  2. Jan
    Jun 30, 2012 @ 08:54:09

    What a beautiful place. I think Shaelyn is taking after uncle Jamie with her photo taking skills, he had better watch out!


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