Easing Into Summer

Some pictures and videos from our first few weeks of summer…

The big girls continue to pull things out of their bottomless backpacks that demonstrate the fantastic work they did in school this past year.  Here’s Shaelyn with a certificate she got for her creative artwork:

And here Davia is recognized for her “fabulous behavior”.

We’re very proud of both girls for working so hard in school, both on their behavior and their schoolwork.  We expect great things from them, and they’ve met and exceeded our expectations.  They’re amazing little people.

Eila is also very advanced, and here (above) can be seen reading a book to herself.

And here you can see her doing some clapping:

In true summer style, Shaelyn has been spending time in trees…

And Davia has been basking in the garden sunlight…


Some photos from Fathers’ Day…

Shaelyn drew a Macaw…


Eila wore a dress from Jan, looking very fancy…


Shaelyn and Davia posed in wheelbarrows…


And Kate found a picture of Eila with two frogs to be very funny…

Hope everyone out there is having a nice start to a wonderful summer!


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