Goodbye, Grade 2!

Shaelyn and Davia are now officially second grade graduates!  Today was their last day.

I snapped a couple pictures of them walking to school yesterday, their last full day of second grade.  (Today was a half day.)


That’s Shaelyn on the left and Davia on the right, paused for a photo on their penultimate walk to second grade.  (They just recently learned the word “penultimate.”)

This morning, we took potted flowers with ribbons tied around the pots to their teachers.  Didn’t get a picture of that.

After school, Kane, Eila and I met them with flowers and doughnuts.  (I’m not sure an entire box of doughnuts was necessary, but Kane was in charge of that.  And anything that makes those girls smile, Kane likes to do to the max.)

Last day as second graders!



with Eila



I think Eila looks very proud of her now-3rd-grader big sisters.  We all are.  They did amazing all year long, and we just know they’re going to continue to be superstars in school.  Good job, big girls!  We love you.

Tonight, per their request, sushi dinner followed by chocolate chip banana bread.


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