The Kitchen Sink Makes a Fine Bath Tub

This wasn’t Eila’s first kitchen-sink-bath.  But it was the first caught on film.  In fact, this was her first bath, of any kind, caught on film.  So for that reason, it made it’s way onto our blog!

For this particular production, prepping, staging, reassuring and camera work were all done by Kate.  The main show was put on by Papa Kane.  The guest of honor and star of the show was Miss Eila Jean.  Let’s roll.

Here is the stage, set and ready for action.  We kindly removed all of the dirty dishes, for two reasons.  One, Eila could not have fit comfortably in there with them.  And two, dirty things that enter our sink tend to stay dirty for longer than anyone is happy about.  We wanted this to be an in-and-out type procedure.  You can just see the sink filled with warm water, enhanced with essential oils of tea tree and lavender, and some apple cider vinegar.  Mild baby soap stands by, as well as a towel to lay the baby on and an extra-soft wash cloth.

You can see that look of suspicion on Eila’s face.  You might think that’s in response to the crazy face Kane’s making at her, but that’s actually one of his more common facial expressions when she’s in the room, so it wasn’t that.  She was basically saying, with her face, “What in God’s name is happening here?  This is not where I usually bathe.  This is where un-eaten salad gets pulverized and the moldy contents of long-forgotten tupperware containers get dumped.  I am very curious as to why you are putting me here.”

Though she has probably figured out what’s happening by now, her expression still seems to say, if I may say it so bluntly, “Oh, hell no.”

This one haunts me a little, because I’m pretty sure that look is saying, “Mom, you put down that camera and fix this NOW.”

Almost done.  Kane’s doing a great job of getting her clean.  And though I tried this different angle, the dagger eyes she’s pointing at me found me still.

This one, I think, is hilarious.  Kane, forgetting who he’s dealing with, attempts one of his tried-and-true Eila-smilers.  He’s getting the dagger eyes now.

Here she still looks a little worried, though the worst is over, and she’s getting dry under a cozy towel.


And finally, she’s back to her usual self.  Bygones are bygone, and she’s smiling away at her beloved Papa.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kane
    Jun 13, 2012 @ 12:16:41

    Hahahaha… 10 to one she turns into a cat lady or something.


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