Three Things Per Person

Did anyone ever ask you what five things you’d want to have with you if you were stranded on a desert island?  I want to change that question to three things instead of five, and an empty room instead of a desert island.  Actually, that’s not really where I was going with this post.  I was going to give you three pieces of current information about each person in our family.  But now I want to do both.  Only I’m not asking anyone else in the family for any input, so this is all just my interpretation.


Davia’s 3 things:

1. her keyboard

2. a headband

3. a bath tub

3 things about Davia:

1. She has an uncanny ability to write coherent, structured poetry.

2. She reads to Shaelyn every morning (things like Shel Silverstein and her Ivy and Bean books).

3. She’s an excellent Eila-sitter and is good at keeping Eila entertained.


Shaelyn’s 3 things:

1) containers to put the bugs she catches in

2) her blue fleece jacket

3) a sketchbook (that comes with pens and pencils, so it counts as one thing)

3 things about Shaelyn:

1) She spends an awful lot of time high up in the tree in our front yard.

2) She seems to enjoy cleaning bathrooms.

3) She has an uncanny ability to draw things from nature, from memory, pretty accurately.


Kate’s 3 things:

1) her laptop

2) the ipod touch

3) apple cider vinegar

3 things about Kate:

1) She loves making Eila’s baby food every day.

2) She’s excited about the end of the school year, maybe more so than the girls.

3) She loves sending people packages.


Kane’s 3 things:

1) duct tape w/exacto knife

2) his laptop, w/headphones

3) his Norah Jones CD

3 things about Kane:

1) He recently passed the test to obtain an Oregon drivers license.

2) He appears to eat salt and vinegar chips dipped in ranch dressing after everyone else goes to bed.

3) He is becoming a crossword puzzle master.


Eila’s 3 things:

1) bottomless bottle of milk

2) her pink and white blanket that our neighbor knitted for her

3) some dance music

3 things about Eila:

1) She has one, distinct, pearly white tooth on the bottom.

2) She seems to be camera shy, if you can believe it.

3) She has vicious claws with which to scratch her mother until she bleeds.  Sweet thing.

There.  Now you know three things about each of us.  And, if you ever see us looking bored in an empty room, you know what three things to bring us.

Thank you!


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