A Day for a Father

Kane’s birthday was this past Saturday, so it was his turn to be pampered.  We made him green tea in a pot and lemon water in a Kane-like glass.

Presents were placed under the Birthday Tree.  Just kidding, that’s not a birthday tree.  That’s Charlie, one of our house plants.  But a birthday tree is a cool idea…

Here’s Davie, decorated, in front of some of the decorations.

Kane awoke (at his chosen wake-up time) to find his birthday morning drinks waiting for him.  “Mmm,” his face seems to say.  “Green tea.”


We decided to all go to one of Kane’s favorite places in Portland – Saturday Market.  It’s the best!  Here’s Eila, all dressed up and ready to go.


Kane tries to concentrate on driving while Kate insists on capturing the moment.


Shaelyn and Davia pose with a statue near the waterfront in Portland where Saturday Market is held.  If you’re wondering by now what Saturday Market is, it’s this amazing event that happens weekly (Sundays too!) in Portland except in the rainy season.  It’s a great place to go gift shopping, people watching, elephant ear tasting, music listening, etc.  It’s the weirdest of the weird, for sure, but also a great place to find some amazing creative talent.



Have I mentioned the elephant ears?  That’s the delicious display of madness you see here in each girl’s hand.  They’re fried, sweet, covered in toppings.  Everything you want in an ear!


Crazy times at Saturday Market.  And that guy in the blue shirt, sunglasses and black cap?  He really, really wanted to be in our photo.  I won’t tell you the longish story of how I know this, but trust me.  It was, like, his life dream.  Your welcome, strange guy.

We’re having fun.

Shaelyn and Davia enjoyed watching some street performers.  Mostly.


And this was the kind man in the parking garage who reminded us to THINK about where we were parked, so that we would remember.


Happy Birthday, Kane!!!!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Kane
    May 22, 2012 @ 16:52:08

    Thank you! It was a pretty sweet one 🙂


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