A Day for a Mother

Last weekend, Sunday was Mothers Day.  I was served a morning mimosa in bed and got up to a table set with a breakfast feast and cards and presents.  Later in the day, though it was a raging 90 degrees out, we packed up the whole family and a picnic and headed to a park.  We realized somewhere along the way that this was the first such outting with all five of us.  That made it special, even if the trip wasn’t otherwise the best time anyone had ever had.  (A certain subset of the family was rather displeased with the facts that we had to share the park with other people, that it was hot, that we forgot the ice water, that the creek was dried up, that the pond was too “oily”, that other kids were crowding their frog-finding expedition, that we had to take photos, and then somehow, also, that we had to go home at the end.)  But we did it!  And it was fun enough.

Then for dinner, I thought about sending everyone out for sushi.  (That’s what I do when I need an evening break… you know, to do dishes and fold laundry in peace.)  But I decided that I actually did want to spend my evening with my family, so I kept them all home and made them eat food prepared by yours truly.  Not sure what I was thinking.  But they are what makes me a mother, so it seemed appropriate.  And deep down, I do kind of like having them around.


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  1. Jan
    May 20, 2012 @ 16:46:08

    What a fun day and a lovely memory. You will be so glad you wrote this blog in years to come Kate. The girls look so precious . You are a smashing family.

    Xxx Jan


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