Thing One and Thing Two

This is a post I call “Thing One and Thing Two.”  (I think that is a favorite Dr. Seuss reference for most parents of twins… or least favorite if they’re heard it too many times.)  I ask you to join me in comparing sets of two things – in this case pictures.  As a mother of twins, comparing two things has, despite all my best efforts, become my a kind of specialty of mine.  But with most of these sets of two, I think even an amateur comparer could spot the differences or similarities I’m going to focus on.  Enjoy!

For our first Thing One, I’d like you to look at these delicious and so cute cookie bowls I baked:

Ha!  Just kidding.  That is a picture I swiped off the internet.  Actually from this site, which is where I found the directions for my cookie bowl project.  I was fairly certain my cookie bowls would come out adorable and delicious.  After all, I found these directions on “the internet service, one of the trusted things of today’s society!”  (<—- Free cookie bowl to anyone who can identify that quote.  For the answer, see here.)  So confident was I, and so excited, I decided to try this idea for the first time when the girls had a friend over.  All three girls were drooling as I put our cookie bowls in the oven to bake.

A few minutes later, Thing Two:


Maybe I wasn’t supposed to grease the pan?   (Many thanks to Kane for cleaning the oven!)

For our next Thing One, observe Shaelyn’s lego creation of a red-winged blackbird:

by Shaelyn

Pretty cute, you might be thinking, but what’s that yellow doing on his wing?  I’ll point out here that Shaelyn made this from memory, without looking at a book or anything.  And any birders or anyone more observant than myself might say, “Well, of course it has yellow on its wing.”  See now Thing Two:

a photograph of a red-winged blackbird

What the what?!  Who on earth notices those yellow wing feathers?  Even the person who named this bird didn’t notice them, or it would be called a “red and yellow-winged blackbird.”  That Shaelyn.  Clever kid.


For this next one, you know, people are always saying how much Eila looks like Kane.  I don’t see it.  Again, we have Thing One:

And Thing Two:

Oooooh, now I see it!

Now this final one is the challenge round.  Spot the difference.

Thing One:

Kane giving Eila a bottle.


Thing Two:

Kane giving Eila a bottle

Did you spot it?  That’s right, in the latter photo, Kane is giving Eila an empty bottle.  Never mind though, she obviously doesn’t mind.  Strange child.  Fits right in with this bunch.


And that concludes today’s round of Thing One and Thing Two.  I’ll leave you with a picture of our family’s favorite thing one and thing two…

Things Shaelyn and Thing Davia, being adorable



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kane
    May 04, 2012 @ 03:09:39

    This post came from the future! Neato! And Eila was boomeranging the last few drops of that bottle, she does that! Wants to eek out her papa-time as long as possible 🙂


  2. jameythomas
    May 04, 2012 @ 03:58:56

    I played at home and got 76% which is a C+ in anyone’s book. And I laughed out loud which I think moves me up to a B-.


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