How to Turn Unseasonal Junk into Sprouting Art

jack-o-trash in April

It’s okay if you still have these tacky plastic Halloween pumpkins in your house in April.  Right?  The one on the right is a cauldron.  You know, for brew.  In front of the jack-o-trash in the above picture are some paints we’ve had around forever also.  Something had to be done about this.

The idea was inspired by a walk to a road-side produce and garden stand around the corner from our house.  Eila and I walked there in the pouring rain, with my reusable produce bags in my hand, to get some veggies.  Turns out, they only have produce on the weekends, and this was on Friday.  So we went home that time empty handed.  And very wet!  But while there, I did notice all the lovely plants they had for sale, and so a project was born.

Mission:  To make planters for a little vegetable garden out of old Halloween junk.

What you will need:

  • some of those jack-o-lantern buckets (or cauldron!) that they sell around Halloween for a buck or two
  • black spray paint (or whatever color you have around… or a pretty color if you buy the spray paint)
  • more paint – make sure it’s indoor/outdoor paint
  • paint brushes or sponges
  • lots of newspaper
  • planting soil
  • vegetable starters from a nursery or garden store

Step 1:  In a ventilated area, of course, spray paint the jack-o-lanterns.  The idea here is to make them look less like Halloween decorations.


spray jack black

black jack

airing out to dry

Step 2:  Whilst those are drying, if you haven’t already, pop over to the plant stand to pick up some veggie starters!

We chose tomatoes, bell peppers, zucchini and raspberries.

Step 3:  When the spray paint is dry, paint some more!  This time with brushes.  Don’t forget to protect your table.  It was a wedding gift.  Or, ours was anyway.  But protect any table!

paint blobs, ready for action

Kids love painting stuff.

Shaelyn at work

Davia at work

Davia's art pot

Then put the masterpieces out to dry.

Step 4: Planting time!  Get out your soil and your little plantlets, and pack ’em in there.  Make sure there’s a hole in the bottom of your converted jack-o-bucket for proper drainage!

Kids love planting stuff.

(Note the random neighborhood kids in various photos.  Can’t keep ’em away when there’s painting and planting going on!  Or ever.)

Look how cute!

Step 5:  Put them in your garden wherever you want them.  Or let your kids decide, and have them somewhere else.

Davia and Shaelyn with our creations


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    May 02, 2012 @ 02:48:01

    Love it! What a great project. Good luck with your new veggies. Xx


  2. Kelly
    May 02, 2012 @ 10:15:05

    Beautiful! We also use loo roll tubes (painted obviously) as seed pots and they can be planted directly into the garden. It helps me when i’m weeding, don’t yank out the plants poping out tubes. X.


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