Easter Games

One thing we did this Easter was all make games to play.  That’s right – we made the games ourselves.  I highly recommend this activity for almost any holiday or gathering.  It’s really fun to see what people come up with.  Kids especially.  On Sunday, I intended all the games to have an Easter theme, but I apparently forgot to mention that.  So Davia’s didn’t.  But it was still super fun!

Kane missed out on the game production part, because he was at the store.  That’s a shame, because I would have loved to see what he would make.  But he joined in to play the games with us, as did two neighbor children.

Shaelyn’s game was a pin the tail on the bunny game, a spin on the old classic pin the tail on the donkey.

Shaelyn's Pin-the-Tail game

That thing you see sticking off the bunny’s ear is a poorly-placed tail.  Yes, that was mine.  I went first, and I forgot to look at the game board first to see which side of the page the bunny’s rump was even on.  This is particularly pathetic, given that I was not spun around (just blindfolded) and I was permitted to feel around on the paper before placing my tail.

Kane was up next…

Shaelyn preps Kane for his turn

Kane pins tail near bunny

Then Davia.  I didn’t catch her pinning, but we’ll just say she got her tail much closer than Kane or, obviously, I did.  See her gloat:

Davia, proud after her turn

Shaelyn got to go last.  (You make up the rules when it’s your game, but someone has to go last, so that was fair.)

Here's Shaelyn, going for the gold

Shaelyn and her game

I’m actually not sure who won this game.  But it was very fun.  I probably won.  Yeah, I bet it was me.

Davia’s game was a very creative board game about pets that she worked on for ages. It’s hard to see the board here (in the middle), but it’s a sort of winding path of circles.  Around it are the playing cards, the back of which tell you how far to go… if you’re lucky!

Davia's board game, with cards

See, some cards may tell you things like “back to start”, or “zero – no turn” or, my least favorite, “bad card back”.

The rules of Davia’s game were as thorough as they were adorable:

I love how she included such rules as “If you pull a card, nobody can see, so do not cheat by lying about your card,” and “If you want to go somewhere you can’t, then do not go.”

The following is the back of one of her playing cards, my favorite one.  Look at the drawing!  It’s an action shot that tells a whole story.  See the silhouette of the dog in the window, as the owner walks away, having locked him in the house?  Genius.  I love it.  Davia’s not as confident an artist as Shaelyn (who is also an awesome artist), but Davia’s skills are nothing to scoff at.

I didn’t get any photos of people playing Davia’s game, but as you can see, it was spectacular.

My game… well, it was a board game too.  A sort of Easter-themed jumble of challenges (think Cranium, but dumber) for two teams.  I hadn’t anticipated our two neighbor girls from down the street joining us.  If I had, I probably wouldn’t have included Easter-themed trivia (which the players themselves chose the questions for), since our family does not share the neighbor children’s Mormon background and beliefs.  And yes, that made for as interesting as a game as it might sound like.  But it was all in good fun, and the game went relatively smoothly, considering its disastrous potential.

Eila couldn’t really participate in the games and slept through most of them.  But she had some Easter fun in the backyard…

We send our love to everyone out there, wishing you all a fun, safe and happy SPRING!!


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