A Fast Paced Post (3 pics and video of Eila)

My goodness, time is flying!  This is going to be a splattered-paint style post, because I’m worried that’s the only way I’ll get one done.  Been awfully busy these past few days…  weeks?  Yes.

Here’s a newish picture of Eila…

She's filling out her "fuzzy"!

Here’s Eila with a toy…

Baby at play

Here’s Eila again…

And here’s a video of Eila eating solid foods for maybe the fifth time….

Oh no, and now there’s crying, and I have to run!

How’s that for an update.  Sheesh!  I’ll try to post something of better quality soon.  And with more information.  And stuff about the four family members not mentioned here.

Lots of love to all our family and friends, here, there and everywhere!!


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  1. Jan
    Apr 05, 2012 @ 18:11:06

    Hi Kate.

    Eila is blooming 🙂 Michael and I are sitting in a supermarket 7 miles from our holiday cottage to get Internet! We are having a great time. Loving being with our grand kids and seeing how they have grown. The holiday is smashing.

    Give our love to Kane and the girls. We will be at Kelly’s tomorrow.

    Xxxx Jan


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