Kane – That’s a Wrap!

Woah, is it that time already?  Seems it is.  The movie Kane’s been working on in Oregon is wrapping up.  They’re still putting it all together (so it will be coming out in August), but Kane’s job on that movie is done.  He had a really fun time working on it, and he’s not usually this proud of the movies he gets to work on.  He says “It’s actually rare that I don’t feel ashamed and/or guilty about the movies I work on.”  But this movie… it’s awesome.  And definitely something to be proud of, for everyone who worked on it.

Here are a few photos (not taken by Kane) of Paranorman in progress:

Look how tiny! They built that! Amazing.

zombie face goes on

This is the kind of detail we're talking about here.

Tiny knitting!

"hair club for mannequins"

I’m really blown away by this work.  No words.  We can’t wait to see it when it comes out, I think, August 17th.

And now we find our little family back in that land of the unkown.  What’s going to happen next?  We still don’t know.  And we admit, that is a little scary.  But adventure seems to be the name of the game for us, so we’re taking it as it comes.  And I really believe that a place of more stability and security is in our future.  We just get to ride an exciting roller coaster of life circumstances and corresponding emotions to get there.

This weekend was designated as a relaxing time, the calm before the storm.  (Monday we start figuring out what, in the name of all things good and holy, we are going to do.)

So Kane’s keeping busy doing relaxing things.  Like painting…

And other relaxing things, like tackling our out-of-control lawn. We thought about having the girls braid it, but then decided the grown-up thing to do would be to mow it.  So we bought a push reel mower off craigslist and sent Kane to work.

There he is, mowing away. He makes it look easy!

But it’s really not easy.  This lawn is like Cousin It’s massive, flat sister.

Is that our lawn dressed as a beatnik? No, it's really Cousin It!

Here is our lawn. Poor Kane.

But then, how could anyone complain about having to do ANY job, with a cheering section that looks like this?

"Go Papa GO!!!"

Eila and I raise our glasses (hers a bottle, mine a cup of tea), to Kane for working so hard on Paranorman, and in appreciation for all he does for our family, and in total confidence that he’s going to continue to do well.  He’s a good one.

Stay tuned to find out what the heck will happen next with this family!  It’s anybody’s guess.

Oh, and I was reluctant to post this, but my shameless husband (good though he may be) requested that I include his Amazon wish list in this post…  he’s kind of a weirdo.  A lovely weirdo.  And it’s true that his birthday is a few weeks away.  So I’ll humor him.


Torture by Pureed Peas

At my baby shower back in September, we scored this awesome baby food making set-up.  (Many thanks to my good friend, Anne, and co!)  I’ve been eager to use it but waiting for Eila to get big enough to eat solid food.  The time has come!

She’s been eating store-bought infant rice cereal for a couple weeks, with scattered success.  Sometimes she’ll awkwardly finish a bowl.  Sometimes it all ends up on her bib.  To be honest, it hasn’t been a raging victory.  But, I thought, maybe she just doesn’t like that solid food.  Surely what she was waiting for was pureed peas!

So today, Shaelyn and I got out the Baby Bullet (our baby food maker) and some peas, and whipped up our first batch of homemade baby food.

We love this baby food maker, which came with these cute little cups for food storage.  They even have a little turn dial at the top with numbers 1 through 31, so you can easily mark the date you made that batch!  Isn’t that cool?  There, Shaelyn was setting it “23”.  That’s because until I just looked up at my computer date, I thought that was the date today.














Then it’s time to test it on the baby.  I tried it first, of course.  Mmm!  Sweet like peas, but not quite as smooth as store-bought baby food.  No matter how long I blended it, the peels of the peas were still noticeable.  But surely it would taste so good that Eila would overlook that, smiling as she swallowed bite after bite, and begging for more!

What is this?


What is Papa doing to me?


Okay, these pictures are cute, but to get the full feel of this feeding session, you must watch the following video.

So maybe she didn’t LOVE the peas.  This time, anyway.  We’re going to keep trying.

And in the mean time, I do love my baby food maker.  What will I make next?!

Easter Games

One thing we did this Easter was all make games to play.  That’s right – we made the games ourselves.  I highly recommend this activity for almost any holiday or gathering.  It’s really fun to see what people come up with.  Kids especially.  On Sunday, I intended all the games to have an Easter theme, but I apparently forgot to mention that.  So Davia’s didn’t.  But it was still super fun!

Kane missed out on the game production part, because he was at the store.  That’s a shame, because I would have loved to see what he would make.  But he joined in to play the games with us, as did two neighbor children.

Shaelyn’s game was a pin the tail on the bunny game, a spin on the old classic pin the tail on the donkey.

Shaelyn's Pin-the-Tail game

That thing you see sticking off the bunny’s ear is a poorly-placed tail.  Yes, that was mine.  I went first, and I forgot to look at the game board first to see which side of the page the bunny’s rump was even on.  This is particularly pathetic, given that I was not spun around (just blindfolded) and I was permitted to feel around on the paper before placing my tail.

Kane was up next…

Shaelyn preps Kane for his turn

Kane pins tail near bunny

Then Davia.  I didn’t catch her pinning, but we’ll just say she got her tail much closer than Kane or, obviously, I did.  See her gloat:

Davia, proud after her turn

Shaelyn got to go last.  (You make up the rules when it’s your game, but someone has to go last, so that was fair.)

Here's Shaelyn, going for the gold

Shaelyn and her game

I’m actually not sure who won this game.  But it was very fun.  I probably won.  Yeah, I bet it was me.

Davia’s game was a very creative board game about pets that she worked on for ages. It’s hard to see the board here (in the middle), but it’s a sort of winding path of circles.  Around it are the playing cards, the back of which tell you how far to go… if you’re lucky!

Davia's board game, with cards

See, some cards may tell you things like “back to start”, or “zero – no turn” or, my least favorite, “bad card back”.

The rules of Davia’s game were as thorough as they were adorable:

I love how she included such rules as “If you pull a card, nobody can see, so do not cheat by lying about your card,” and “If you want to go somewhere you can’t, then do not go.”

The following is the back of one of her playing cards, my favorite one.  Look at the drawing!  It’s an action shot that tells a whole story.  See the silhouette of the dog in the window, as the owner walks away, having locked him in the house?  Genius.  I love it.  Davia’s not as confident an artist as Shaelyn (who is also an awesome artist), but Davia’s skills are nothing to scoff at.

I didn’t get any photos of people playing Davia’s game, but as you can see, it was spectacular.

My game… well, it was a board game too.  A sort of Easter-themed jumble of challenges (think Cranium, but dumber) for two teams.  I hadn’t anticipated our two neighbor girls from down the street joining us.  If I had, I probably wouldn’t have included Easter-themed trivia (which the players themselves chose the questions for), since our family does not share the neighbor children’s Mormon background and beliefs.  And yes, that made for as interesting as a game as it might sound like.  But it was all in good fun, and the game went relatively smoothly, considering its disastrous potential.

Eila couldn’t really participate in the games and slept through most of them.  But she had some Easter fun in the backyard…

We send our love to everyone out there, wishing you all a fun, safe and happy SPRING!!

Egg Art on the Deck

Got a nice quiet few moments yesterday to dye some Easter eggs.  (The big girls weren’t about to let us out of that one.)  Eila’s not quite big enough to know what’s going on, but we made sure she was part of the fun.  Or at least a witness to it.  And though Kane gave us permission to go ahead without him while he slept in, we couldn’t let him miss out!  So it was a full family affair.

Our back deck was the scene of the fun.

Here’s Eila, sitting in her bouncy chair on the deck…

Eila, enjoying herself.


Shaelyn and Davia were looking lovely out in the sun, in their element (outside and being creative)…





Shaelyn and Davia


Kate sat out on the dying to take pictures.

Kate and Davia


Kate and Shaelyn


The three artists…


Shaelyn and Kane





And Kate and Eila had fun too…



A Fast Paced Post (3 pics and video of Eila)

My goodness, time is flying!  This is going to be a splattered-paint style post, because I’m worried that’s the only way I’ll get one done.  Been awfully busy these past few days…  weeks?  Yes.

Here’s a newish picture of Eila…

She's filling out her "fuzzy"!

Here’s Eila with a toy…

Baby at play

Here’s Eila again…

And here’s a video of Eila eating solid foods for maybe the fifth time….

Oh no, and now there’s crying, and I have to run!

How’s that for an update.  Sheesh!  I’ll try to post something of better quality soon.  And with more information.  And stuff about the four family members not mentioned here.

Lots of love to all our family and friends, here, there and everywhere!!