Moody Skies in Oregon


Above is a picture taken of Shaelyn and Davia heading out the door to school (or so we thought) on Thursday morning.  Note the blanket of snow covering the lawn.  (Okay, it’s a thin blanket… maybe crocheted, but it’s there!  Give me a break, we’re from California!)

So we walked to school.  It was that kind of snow that’s hard and icy, and when your foot crunches down to the bottom, it slips around a little, so you always feel like you’re about to fall on your butt.  Davia joyfully exclaimed that this was the most perfect kind of snow, and her grumpy mother quickly corrected her.  Oh yeah, and just so everyone’s caught up, we’re walking because the car was in the shop (totaled).  So we trudged through the deep (inches deep) snow to the girls’ school, which is essentially right around the corner.  Eila was bundled up and tucked in her stroller, the wheels of which made such a din that Davia felt compelled to scream everything she said the whole way there.  Once, I tried saying “Davia, you don’t need to shout.  We’re right here!”  To which she replied, “That baby’s stroller is so loud, I can hardly hear myself!”  So we trudged on, and Davia’s stories of this and that filled the neighborhood.  (Lucky neighbors, I say.  She’s a very interesting kid!)

We finally arrived at school where we were met by a team of school employees waving their hands at us to go back.  “School starts two hours late today!!” they shouted to us.  So we turned around and headed home.  It wasn’t so bad, really.  We got a sparkly early morning walk in the snow and a couple extra hours at home with the big girls to drink hot chocolate and lounge around.  Can’t complain really.  (Not claiming there were no complaints, just saying in hindsight, it wasn’t so bad.)

The following is a picture of Eila, who was apparently very wiped out by the whole ordeal.  She was moved from her stroller to, well, the floor when we got home.  And there she snoozed.


Oregon weather is a little tempermental, it turns out.  The following picture was taken on Friday afternoon, on the same lawn as the first picture in this post:

Yep, that’s one day later.  I actually had to turn off the heater and open the doors and windows to cool off.  And as a display of the weirdness of it all, Shaelyn’s snow man remained (sort of) on the back deck, while the big girls and all the neighborhood kids played out in the sunshine, sharing sunscreen and wading in the gutter water to cool their feet.

And as usual, Eila and I played inside and observed the weather (and the children playing in it) through the windows.


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  1. makingspace1
    Mar 25, 2012 @ 17:33:48

    Wow that’s some weather!!

    You have the most photogenic children on the planet. True fact.


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