Goodbye, Arthur.

A very emotional shot, captured by Davia, of Shaelyn bidding our beloved Arthur farewell.

Arthur was our cherished, trusty minivan, the one we recently lost in that Birthday’s Eve accident.  The accident was in February, but it was just yesterday that we finally said goodbye to Arthur.  (Stuff with insurance and auto body shops and decisions took awhile.)  Kane had to be at work and never really even got a chance to say goodbye.  The three girls and I went down to the shop to clear our belongings out and pay our respects.

Anyone who knows Shaelyn and Davia well might imagine, correctly, that this was not an easy thing for them.  They’re very protective of everyone they love, including, apparently, cars.  I had to tell them to keep their voices down as they cursed the people who “did this to Arthur”.

"Look at what they DID to Arthur!!!"

Eila, on the other hand, was mostly oblivious to the sad tone of the event.

Davia asked to borrow my camera (hers was at home) so that she wouldn’t forget Arthur, and she took the following pictures that I’m actually very impressed by…

by Davia

by Davia


by Davia









by Davia


by Davia

by Davia

by Davia



















Goodbye, our dear friend, Arthur!  You’ve served us well, but now we’re moving on to another car.  Shaelyn has requested that the new car looks “exactly like Arthur,” but is “rainbow colored.”  Davia has request a “slug bug.”  We’ll see.



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