Sunshine in Oregon!

Lovely weather lately here!

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the sun since we moved here, and I don’t at all mean to complain about the weather we have had.  The girls LOVE the rain, I don’t mind it much, and if it weren’t for rain, we wouldn’t get to enjoy how beautifully green this area is.  And it doesn’t even rain all the time, like we were warned about before we moved here.  But overcast is sort of the norm, and getting a few sunny days in a row like we’ve just had does feel like a treat.

The big girls play outside even in the rain, but we’ve all gotten out more the past couple days.  Except for poor Kane, who’s been trapped inside at work.  Yesterday we all went to pick him up wearing T-shirts, and he walked out of his office building wearing a winter coat.  We laughed at him, but he explained that he had no idea what the weather was like outside.  Kind of sad.  We’re determined to get him out and about for some vitamin D this weekend.  But the rest of us have been making the most of the nice weather.

Here are some pictures from a walk I took with the girls the other day:

I know it doesn’t look that sunny, by the way they’re dressed, but it was!  And it’s only gotten sunnier since.  Yesterday I complained about being hot!  (Don’t scold – I realized what I was doing and stopped.)

Davia is very good about wearing her helmet when roller skating, which she loves to do.

And here’s one of Shaelyn, who chose not to skate, reportedly because she’s “not good at it”, which means she lost in a race against Davia.

Not skating.


And here’s Eila, who really doesn’t look dressed for sun in this picture, but it is on the same walk.

Enjoying the nice weather on a walk with her sisters.

One more of all three:

All three girls really do seem happier outside.  Actually, Eila seems happy everywhere.  At this moment, she’s lying on her back on the floor, having a lively conversation with a ball.

And just to show that it has gotten sunnier still (and to show how cute Eila is), here are a couple shots from yesterday.  Eila and I spent some time on the front lawn before the girls came home from school.











Hope everyone’s enjoying… is it spring yet?  Hope everyone’s enjoying March!  Whether your weather is sunny or not.


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