The Art and Comedy of Shaelyn

We wanted to share a few pieces of artwork that Shaelyn’s been working on.  Really, these kids pump out dozens of artworks each day, and sadly, I’m sure many of them never get the spotlight they deserve.  Both girls love writing and drawing with a passion.  So these just represent a recent sampling that happened to make it onto my “desk” (read: pile of papers on the floor next to the chair where I feed Eila) at a time that I happened to be thinking about posting some big-girl art on our blog.  So here you have it, a garden of artwork (in oil pastel) by Shaelyn:













Aren’t they lovely?  They look better in person, since we really need a scanner, and these are just photos of the drawings.  But I think you can see how awesome they are.

And we’ll end on a funny note.  Shaelyn has a very quick and creative sense of humor.  The following drawing illustrates that:


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 06:48:14

    Great art work Shaelyn!
    Really like the daisy and the little dandelion with the ominous sky. Love all the different cakes,especially the plate cake:)

    Xxx Jan


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