A Happy, Banged-Up Birthday

The past week has been more exciting than I have time to write about.  And by “exciting”, I mean many different things, and the vagueness is intentional.  Because it has been all those things.  Wonderful, terrifying, hectic, busy, fun, exhausting, etc.  Feel free to fill in your own adjectives based on the few details I’m about to provide.

So Thursday was Kate’s birthday, and it was lovely.  Presents were hidden around the house, to be found through out the day, wrapped in brown paper from grocery bags and adorned with beautiful art and loving messages.

from Davia

from Shaelyn

And the following are a few from Kane… I won’t post them all, but I will include photos of the moments he’s referring to.

from Kane

our wedding ceremony

And here’s one I wish I didn’t have a photo for, but I do…

from Kane

Kate has the sweetest family ever, and she was brought to happy tears more than once on this birthday.  Another happy thing about the day was that Kane ended up getting to take a half day off work.  The company he works for, which has always been great with stuff like this, sent him home to take care of his wife and to accompany her to the urgent care center.  You know, for the whiplash.

Oh, let me back up…

So Wednesday was a regular day (one that Kate likes to refer to as “the day before her birthday”, but really it was just Wednesday), so the big girls went to school, Kane went to work, and Kate and Eila did their thing at home.  That evening, Kate and all the little girls went to pick up Kane from work like usual.  Long story short, on the way home, we were rear-ended while stopped at a red light, producing a domino effect with the two cars in front of us and a whole bunch of screaming from the backseat.  Saddest thing I’ve heard in a long time was those three girls reacting to the crash.  Luckily, everyone is okay.  The injuries sustained were minor, and none of the kids were hurt at all.  Our car was totaled, but it was still drivable… so we made it home in time for what Kate likes to refer to as “Kate’s Birthday Eve”.  We celebrated the occasion with long phone conversations to our insurance company and some art therapy…

by Davia

by Shaelyn

Then the night came and went, and we’re back to Kate’s birthday!  A lovely day, as I mentioned.  Highlights included some phone calls from loved ones far away and, as I said, having Kane home with us for much of the day.

A good thing about getting in a car accident the day before your birthday, it turns out, is that you have lots of chances for strangers to notice that it’s your birthday.  You know, when you have to show your driver’s license to a police officer, tell your date of birth to an EMT, give your insurance representative a DOB of the policy holder, write it on the forms you fill out at the urgent care center, tell to the pharmacist when filling a prescription for your muscle relaxers, etc.  “Well, Happy Birthday to you!” they all say.  “Yes,” I would say, “So happy.”

But it was happy.  It ended on a less happy note, when late in the night, Davia came into our room to say she had thrown up.  Enter stomach bug.  How else to round off such an eventful holiday?  (Kate calls her birthday a holiday.)  So poor Davia spent Kate’s Birthday Boxing Day (Kane gave me that one) in a fetal position, getting up only to throw up.  And it was a doozy of a bug she had, lasted about three days.  She’s finally better now.  But, in true twin fashion, Shaelyn knocked on our bedroom door last night.  She had thrown up.  And has been doing so all morning.  So it goes.

Happy Monday to everyone!  Have a good week.  Wash your hands often, wear your seat belt, and enjoy the rest of your Kate’s-Birthday-Month.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lorian
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 17:55:45

    I love the pictures and drawings, Kate. So sweet, I have tears in my eyes. I’m so happy for your happiness. Sorry for the accident and the throw-ups, but very happy belated birthday!!!! :hug:


  2. kane
    Feb 13, 2012 @ 22:12:23

    Shaelyn and Davia totally left me in the dirt with their pictures. “I love you more than all of my favorite things”!? What is sweeter than that? And the answer is… Nothing.


  3. makingspace1
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 05:02:22

    Oh dear! The birthday drawings and the sweet family feeling are just wonderful – but the car accident and the stomach flu? Ouchie times twenty!! Such sweetness you folks all share though…


  4. jamey thomas
    Feb 14, 2012 @ 22:14:15

    car crash is shocking
    big feelings hard to express
    pictures tell the tale


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