Sunday Catch-Up, In Haiku

If you think you can

Save time on a blog post with

Haiku, you are wrong.

But here are some of

Our latest pictures with a

Haiku for each one.

Eila can wear jeans

Her sisters are at school now

They would not approve

I feel very loved

When they bring me home flowers

They just went for milk

How cute am I now?

She asks innocently while

Tugging on her bib.



She’s a bird on wheels

Flies so gracefully when free

Squawks when called inside

They say it always

Rains here but we enjoy so

Many sunny days

It may look cruel, but

Swaddled, her arms won’t flail and

Hit her in the face.

What’s this?  More flowers?

These people are the sweetest.

Or they want something.

Superbowl Sunday

We ate sushi while watching

Some men in tights lose

Art by Davia

In honor of MLK

But who’s the green guy?

When this kid smiles I

Feel like all the world smiles too.

Or at least I do.

Call me sensitive

But seeing this I feel I

Might not be welcome

I fear bears, monsters,

But it’s grumpy children I

Most need to keep out.

Though it’s not where I

Left her, I found the baby

In a box that day.

They brought me flowers

For the third time this week so

They must want something.

Kate and Eila are

Attached at the hip most days

Really, tied that way.

We love flowers so

Much so that we keep them long

After they should go.

Two peas in a pod

Helping with the laundry or

Just lying in it.

It’s funny when twins

Fight about who’s prettier.

They’re identical.

Kate found a way to

Carry Eila facing out

Eila sure is glad.

Who could be cuter

With spitty bubbles hanging

From her precious smile?



What a sad looking

Tree in the living room in




Eila seems concerned.

Maybe worried that her fist

Won’t fit in her mouth.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jan
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 08:13:08

    Lovely funny photos Kate. Much enjoyed:)


  2. kane
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 17:31:01

    Very funny. The bird on wheels one is my favorite 🙂


  3. Sherrie
    Feb 09, 2012 @ 17:25:53

    I was thinking of you today and came here to see how you are doing! So glad I did. Love the pics. Love the Haiku! You all are such a beautiful family, Kate!!


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