Snow Day!

We had our first snow day here in Oregon on Sunday.  Yes, I said Sunday, so I know it doesn’t exactly count as a snow day.  No one would have been in school or at work that day anyway.  And I’m pretty sure that when I say “snow day” here, the snow I’m referring to wouldn’t count either, at least not to anyone who’s lived somewhere that sees actual snow on any regular basis.  This “snow” that I’m talking about, as you’ll see in my photo evidence below, was pretty sparse most of the day and didn’t stick to the ground for any significant amount of time.  But what can I say?  We’re Californians!  (Except for Eila, who is technically Oregonian, but who doesn’t know snow from squirrels yet.)  We’re used to weather that is described as “extreme” when it wanders more than ten degrees out of the 70-74 degrees farenheit range.  In California, those conditions are legally recognized grounds for complaint.  Well, maybe not legally, but at least commonly.  So please appreciate, or at least humor, our delight at what we found outside when we woke up yesterday morning.

Arthur (our minivan) sprinkled in powdery snow.

Kate had been planning on making a first trip to the local Unitarian Universalist church (which we’ve been meaning to do for ages) this particular Sunday, but this snow kept her home.  Perhaps all that snow was a message from God that today was not the day to go to church, you might say.  But since it is a UU church we’re talking about, I’m more inclined to consider it a meaningful event (meaning = I don’t go to church that day) occupying its righteous position in the vast, interconnected web of mystery that is Life.  That’s not to say this wasn’t an act of God.  That’s just not for me to say, period.  I will say, in a bold statement of unwavering faith, that this was an act of snow.  And it kept me home that day.

This is what kids in snow look like: Happy.

Both girls had a lot of fun with the snow, but Shaelyn turned out to be more dedicated to the craft of snowmanmanship than Davia did.  (Sometimes, even when you know the word you want to use isn’t a word, you realize it’s just too good a non-word not to use it.)  But Shaelyn spent a good long time out on the balcony building a little snow family, while Davia played more in the house, where she could feel her ears and nose.

This is Shaelyn, her snow baby and her snow father.


Those of us too boring to go out and play in the snow had to keep busy inside somehow.  We did some laundry.  Eila helped.

Don't fold the baby!!

We also kept busy by admiring the uncanny resemblance between Kane and Eila’s facial expressions.  Now, I know everyone always says how much those two look alike, and while it doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t really impress me either.  I mean, that’s just genetics.  I expect relatives to look alike.  But when they make exactly the same faces, often at the same time, I do get a kick out of that.  Because that’s crazy!  How do they do that?  Oh science, you and your shenanigans.

Here we see Kane and Eila, doing their impressions of each other.

By the way, yes, Kane does have a sock on his shoulder in this picture.  Don’t judge him.  He’s a father.

Kane, Eila and Davia on a "snow day" walk


Okay, this picture (above) is out of order, but I use it to illustrate what a snow day looks like in our neighborhood.  Notice there’s not very much snow on the ground.  There were definitely times in the day when there was snow on the ground, and there were also times when the snow falling from the sky was thick and fluffy and very impressive.  (I’ll illustrate this below.)  But some time in the middle of the morning, we went for a walk, intending for it to be a snowy walk, and this (above) is what we got.  It was wicked cold, for sure, but the snow melted some time between when we decided to go for a snowy walk and when we all got our shoes and coats on.

But then later that same day…

See? That's some snow! And that's Shaelyn there too.

And see this next one shows our little Rosemary bush, that for some reason or other was banished from the house to live on the back deck a month or two ago.  But look at her in the snow!  That’s some snowy snow!

Snow and a rosemary bush.


Hope you’re all enjoying the winter and keeping warm, whether your weather is snowy or not (or somewhere in between like ours is).  Happy Winter!


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  1. makingspace1
    Jan 16, 2012 @ 20:31:55

    Fantastic! We have snow fantasies here, and we hope when we visit the north in early March we’ll see some of the real stuff!


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