Holiday Hodge Podge!

We got many great pictures of this holiday season, but I haven’t managed to get them up.  I have a tendency to want the pictures in my posts to illustrate some sort of a cohesive narrative.  Even when I suspect that all anyone really wants to see are the pictures, I try to present them as complementary to some words.  Sometimes, as you can maybe tell from my writing, this is a stretch, and I blabber on about whatever seems to fit, just so I can post those pictures!  (I love pictures.)

But today, I’m short on time, and whatever supply of organizational skills I woke up with this morning is being put to good use around the house (uh… in between blog posts, of course).  Since it takes a fair amount of organization to make one of these posts make sense, that’s not good news for what you’re about to see.  But I want some of these pictures up, and by gosh, I’m going to post them.  With whatever words I happen to think of slapped in there with them, or nothing at all, and you can all guess.  Here goes.  Here are photos from Christmas and New Years, 2011.  (Minus the NY pictures I already posted.)

Disclaimer:  These are just pictures I like, in whatever order I find them.  This is not meant to tell a complete story of our trip to California or our 2011 holiday experience.

Eila's Great Grandma Jean feeds her little namesake a bottle.

Love this one!  And the similar one below too.  It was so special and wonderful to see these two together.

A happy baby with her wonderful great grandmother.


Eila, feeling the Christmas cheer

So S and D got these really awesome puppets for Christmas from Jenna and Tristan in England.  Shaelyn, Davia and I had a very fun and hysterical time introducing Officer Patrick here to Eila.  Eila maybe had a little fun too.  Or not.

Eila's the one without the mustache.


Come on now, don't bite the baby.

A fun activity was taking the kids to go ice skating one day.

Shaelyn and her cousin Rosalind, at the ice rink


Davia got some skating lessons from cousing Julia


Here I sit on the floor, holding a baby, at Kane's parents' house.


My lovely mother sits by my sweet niece Rosalind at Kane's parents' house.


Merry Christmas! they seem to say.


The cousins got to explore the hen house at Kane's parents' house.


I have a very handsome husband at Christmas time. (And other times too!)


Grandma Jan with sister lovin'



cousin love!


Three generations of wonderful ones.


Eila with more Christmas cheer


My sweet piece of niece!


And then, although I know I’m leaving out some great pictures from California, I must skip ahead to our New Years Day outing up in Portland. I wish days were longer.  Then I would post all the pictures.  And then take more pictures.  And then post those too!  And then… wait, maybe it’s good days aren’t longer.

Here’s our Portland New Years Day hike at the Hoyt Arboretum:

Davia, showing me something cool she found.


Shaelyn, pondering the road less traveled.

See, there are things taller than Kane.


a bench with a view


It's cold out there.




This tree feels the holiday spirit!


So do the girls.


And then now, jumping around again, some pictures taken back in California and then one of Eila on NYE here in Oregon.  I’m out of control here!



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  1. Jan
    Jan 14, 2012 @ 22:19:04

    That was lovely Kate. Michael and I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely photos. I love the decorated tree in the woods. You have all been very busy and have made wonderful memories. Hope all is well. Xxx Jan


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