Italian For Moms

Kane’s parents were so generous as to give us an Ipod Touch recently.  It’s great for staying in touch (punny!) with friends and family via Facetime, but it’s also great for other things.  (Kate discovered the free apps section of the itunes store and hasn’t been bored since.)  One little program I put on our ipod is Google Translate.  It’s really cool.  You can enter any words or phrases and have them translated for you, into any of a bunch of different languages.  There’s also a little woman who will speak the words and phrases for you, so you know you’re saying it right!  (Not a real little woman, but a little woman’s voice… and I imagine it’s a tiny woman inside the ipod, okay?)

I have always loved languages and learning how to say things in new ways.  Especially ways that no one around me will understand, I guess.  But it’s fun!  And I think it exercises your brain, which is more fun than exercising your body, because it doesn’t hurt.  So now, with some help from this Google Translate app, I’ve decided to learn Italian.  I chose Italian, after trial runs with Chinese, French, Hindi and Dutch, because I can read the letters, and the pronunciation is relatively easy and straightforward.  And I think it’s a pretty language, but I guess I think that about most languages.  Anyway, I’m learning Italian!

Now, the great thing about teaching myself with an ipod is that I can just learn the words and phrases that are useful to me straight off the bat.  No need to waste time learning tenses, verb conjugations or any of that.  (If you’re a foreign language teacher, please forgive me!  I’m just having fun.)  And I figured the easiest way to decide what words and phrases would be most useful to me would be to just start with the things I say most often.  So that’s what I’m doing.  With my translation app, I’m slowly teaching myself to say all my most-used sayings in Italian.  I’ve compiled a list of some of those things for you here, in case you want to learn Italian with me.  Of course, you may need to find your own words and phrases if these aren’t things you say regularly.  But if you’re a mom, I suspect you’ll be able to use at least some of these.  Enjoy!

Kate’s Useful Italian Words and Phrases

 Va bene.     (It’s okay.)

Non piangere.      (Don’t cry.)

Sorriso!              (Smile!)

Andare a dormire.       (Go to sleep.)

Tempo di cambiare pannolini.     (It’s time to change your diaper.)

Tenere ancora.        (Hold still.)

Pensavo fiutato qualcosa.     (I thought I smelled something.)

Temp di vestirsi.  (Time to get dressed.)

No siamo alla moda?    (Aren’t we stylish?)

Sei meravigliosa.      (You are wonderful.)

Dammi un bacio!    (Give me a kiss!)

Che è la mia bambina dolce?   (Who’s my sweet baby?)

Sei tu!       (It’s you!)

Amo le mie ragazze.     (I love my girls.)

Essere tranquillo.       (Be quiet.)   

Calmare.     (Calm down.)

È tempo di pulire la casa.      (It’s time to clean this house.)

Non sono la tua cameriera.     (I’m not your maid.)

Ha fatto un tornado venire attraverso questa stanza?  (Did a tornado come through this room?)

Viviamo con le schimmie?    (Do we live with monkeys?)

Tempo per fare il bucato.   (Time to do laundry.)

Datemi i vostri calzini sporchi.    (Give me your dirty socks.)

Lo vi darò calzini puliti.    (I will give you clean socks.)

Qual è la pozzanghera sul pavimento?    (What is the puddle on the floor?)

Pulite che fino.      (Clean that up.)

Tempo per mangiare!   (Time to eat!)

Ho fatto questo cibo per voi.     (I made this food for you.)

Mi dispiace che tu non ti piace.   (I’m sorry you don’t like it.)

Forse domani se farà la cena per me.    (Maybe tomorrow you will make dinner for me.)

Hai fatto il bagno oggi?  (Have you had a bath today?)

Questa settimana?   (This week?)

L’ora del bagno!   (Bath time!)

Non tocarre.      (Don’t touch.)

Mettete che verso il basso.   (Please put that down.)

Non farlo.    (Don’t do that.)

Ascoltami!    (Listen to me!)

Qualcuno può sentirmi?   (Can anyone hear me?)

Sarò nascosto nella dispensa, se hai bisogno di me.   (I’ll be hiding in the pantry if you need me.)

Ci sono cuccioli e torte in là.     (There are kittens and cakes in there.)

Vedo che mi sento ora.     (I see you hear me now.)

Spegnere il televisore.   (Turn off the television.)

Fare il vostro lavoro.   (Do your homework.)

I combattimenti devono fermarsi.    (The fighting must stop.)

Ignorarla quando fa così.   (Ignore her when she does that.)

Non è un concorso.   (It’s not a contest.)

Ho bisogno di silenzio.   (I need silence.)

Ho bisogno di un pisolino.    (I need a nap.)

Ho bisogno di più braccia.   (I need more arms.)

Ho bisogno di un margarita.    (I need a margarita.)

Lasciami in pace per favore.   (Leave me alone please.)

Almeno fino a quando ho finito in bagno.   (At least until I’m finished in the bathroom.)

Lo non ti sento.  (I can’t hear you.)

La bambina sta piangendo ad alta voce.  (The baby is crying loudly.)

Rispettare i tuoi genitori.    (Respect your parents.)

Finta che io sono il tuo insegnante.   (Pretend I’m your teacher.)

Voi ragazze sono pazze.  (You girls are crazy.)

Usare parole gentili.    (Use kind words.)

Bene, ma almeno dire che in italiano.    (Fine, but at least say it in Italian.)

Siete malvagio.*    (You are wicked.)

orrido *   (horrid)

peggiori genitori del mondo*      (the worst parents in the world)

Ti odio.*    (I hate you.)

Vorrei non essere mai nato.*    (I wish I was never born.)

Questo è il giorno peggiore della mia vita.*    (This is the worst day of my life.)

Posso guardare la televisione?*    (May I watch television?)

Posso avere qualche caramella?*   (May I have some candy?)

Per favore?*  (Please?)

Mi dispiace.*   (I’m sorry.)

Ti amo.*   (I love you.)

*Italian for kids

Alla Fine  (The End)


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lorian
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 23:01:40

    Kate! I’m rolling on the floor in stitches, here!!!!! 😆


  2. Jan
    Dec 10, 2011 @ 00:35:37

    Precious Kate. How can you be so creative with a new baby, twins and a new house! You are also sounding so happy and that makes me happy too xxxx Jan.


  3. Lori
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 11:39:03

    I really love the one about how you’ll be in the pantry if anyone needs you. “I thought I smelled something” and “Fine, at least say it in Italian” are also favorites.


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