Oh, Christmas Tree

The big girls and Kane went around the corner to get our Christmas tree on Saturday.  Literally around the corner, to a Christmas tree lot that sprung up a week or so ago in the very residential zone that is our neighborhood.  They had a hand-painted sign that mentioned fifteen-dollar trees, and we have a newborn at home.  These two seemingly-unrelated things sum up to why we didn’t go out to cut our own tree on some little family farm this year.  There’s just no time, money or energy for that this year.  Maybe next year.  Or maybe one of those living Christmas trees.  You know the ones?  Where you buy a live tree that’s dug up to live in your house for a month or so, and then is returned to the forest around New Years, so that it may celebrate the holidays once again with its deer and chipmunk friends, and live to see another Christmas.  Pretty cool.  Anyway, that’s NOT what we did this year.  This year finds us in a new house, in a new town, with a new job, new school and new baby.  This is a year for making Christmas (and life in general) as easy and simple as we can.  So we bought a regular, chopped, $20 tree, and drove it the 20 yards back to our house.

Davia and Shaelyn, right outside the lot with our new tree

First impressions were good.  The big girls burst into the house and greeted Eila and myself with the news that they had found THE perfect tree.  I had seen them off with instructions to get the smelliest (good smelly) tree they could find, so that was my first question.  At first sniff, I wasn’t sure they had listened, and maybe they didn’t.  But we let the tree sit in our living room for a day, and our house now reeks of Christmas spirit.  So it turned out to be perfect in that regard.

Appearance-wise, to the untrained eye, the tree is fine.  After all, it’s tree shaped.  And green.  And, you know, branchy and needly.  But some taller members of the family, who have a more refined eye for visual detail, noticed that the tree does have some rather bald spots up top, and it does, if you look closely (or at all), appear to lazily rest some of its lower branches on the floor.  Like the missing bits from up top are leaking out the bottom or something.  But who cares!  It’s smells good! Kane also observed that our tree-stand is maybe not made for such tall trees.  Maybe it’s made more for Christmas bushes.  Or for hollow trees.  Or… it’s just a cheap stand.  Anyway, it’s very possible that this tree will tip at least once by Christmas.  Just like the last tree we put in this stand did.  Note to self:  We need a new Christmas tree stand.  But the important thing is that our house smells very festive and merry.

We all decorated our lovely tree together as a family.  Well, Kate and Eila just watched and took pictures.

Kate and Eila supervise the tree-decorating










Kane put the lights and tinsel garlands on the tree. Shaelyn and Davia were on candycane duty and were also jointly in charge of ornamentation.

Kane and Shaelyn, decorating the tree

Davia hangs an ornament... apparently wearing a white glove (?)

Tree-decorating Committee










The tree turned out lovely, even if it is dragging on the floor.  And even if it might fall down.

Merry Christmas!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. makingspace1
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 02:08:21

    It’s fantastic! And how much do I love the jazz hands and the white glove treatment? You folks have a flair for the creative. Happysniffle


  2. Lorian
    Dec 05, 2011 @ 16:43:31

    Pretty!!! We used to have a tree stand that was a big, green cone-shaped plastic tub-thing. It had some heft to it, especially when filled with water, and kept the tree well-watered because its reservoir was large. The trunk sat quite a ways down into it. I’m thinking it was called something goofy, like “Silent Knight” — the implication being that you wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of the tree crashing to the ground when the cat tried to climb it.

    Okay — did a google search and found that apparently that brand no longer exists, but this stand is essentially the same thing…


    Good luck with the tree! 😀


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