Shaelyn and Davia love sushi.  Like so much that if, say, their mom forgot it was an early day and was late picking them up from school, they could be bribed into setting their anger toward her aside with a trip to the local sushi joint.  We’re lucky, because there’s a sushi place right by our house that is dirt cheap!  We may or may not have reason to believe that vegetable tempura from this restaurant gave our friend food poisoning, but we still go there.  We just don’t order the tempura.  Or the miso soup, which despite our being told it could be made vegetarian once came with chunks of chicken floating in it.  But all that aside, this place is fantastic!  Any place where tiny boats bring you food is obviously a good place, but this place is also cheap!  Like a tiny, floating plate of six avocado rolls will only set you back one dollar!  That’s a steal!











See?  You can’t even tell from this picture that only moments before, these girls were sitting in the principal’s office at school, wondering if they had been abandoned by their space case of a mother.  That’s the power of sushi.  And by sushi, in this case, we don’t mean anything with raw fish in it.  We don’t have anything against eating things raw, but we’re vegetarians!  So the only part of our sushi that used to swim is the seaweed.  Some might say this doesn’t count as sushi, but yes it does.  They’re thinking of sashimi.  But that’s not what this story is about.  This story is about two 8-year-old girls to whom sushi is a special treat.  And when you have a place nearby where you can feed them both sushi for five bucks, that’s a pretty good thing.


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