Our Laika Tour, on the set of Paranorman

Yesterday we got to tour the studio where Paranorman (the movie Kane’s working on now) is being made.  I can’t think of words for how impressed I was, maybe because I just woke up, but probably because it was really that amazing.  I’ve never seen anything like what I saw yesterday in that studio.  We got to see how they make the sets and the characters, and it seemed to me like what they were doing should be impossible.  Basically, every single frame in the movie is made of excruciatingly detailed little models – every leaf, every light switch, every shoelace is in there, much of it made by hand.  Like if you think of how detailed the real world around you is, that’s pretty much how detailed these sets are.  Even letters and numbers on things that no one’s ever going to see up close (like a book in a library of hundreds of books) are there.  And that’s every FRAME in the movie!  Our tour guide told us that the whole studio completes about 60 – 90 SECONDS per week.  PER WEEK!!  Five hundred people, working like they’ve got OCD and an intravenous coffee drip, can finish about a minute of this movie in a whole week.  And honestly, I’m surprised they can even do that after seeing how much goes into each teeny, tiny thing you see in the film.  Very impressive stuff.

Here’s the trailer for the movie, which won’t be out until August, but will surely be worth the wait…


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