Happy Thanksgiving!!

We just had a fun Thanksgiving with some of our favorite friends from California.  Anne and Nathan, and their awesome kids, Zane and Fiona, drove all the way up from the East Bay to visit us here in Oregon!  They arrived Tuesday night and just left this morning (Friday).  On Wednesday, Kane had to work, but Shaelyn and Davia were out of school.  So everyone (minus and missing Kane) headed in to Portland for the day.  There, Kate and Eila went to a midwife appointment while Anne and Nathan took all the big kids to lunch.  The plan was to meet up at OMSI (http://www.omsi.edu/) after lunch and Kate’s appointment, but when Shaelyn and Davia begged to see the Body Worlds exhibit (http://www.bodyworlds.com/en.html), Kate got squeamish and fled home, taking Anne and Nathan up on their gracious offer to take the kids.  Shaelyn and Davia were totally fascinated by the Body Worlds exhibit, so it’s really lucky that Anne and Nathan were here to take them.  (Kane shares Kate’s squeamishness about the whole dead bodies thing, so otherwise, the girls never would have gotten to go!)

Wednesday was our out-and-about day, and Thursday was our lounging-at-home day.  Except for a couple walks around the neighborhood, no one left the house all day.  The kids ran wild and had a blast.  The grown-ups chatted.  Fiona asked Kane if he was a boy or a girl.  There was a fort building contest.  Kids played just about every board game in the house.  Anne cooked up a storm.  We all ate a delicious vegetarian thanksgiving dinner.  The grown-ups played trivia games.  The kids watched Ruby Gloom.  Eila ate, pooped, slept and was cute.

Anne, in the kitchen where she spent much of the day.

Eila in her Thanksgiving dress (before it was covered in spit-up) and Kane

The Men, waiting for food

Shaelyn and Fiona, posing naturally for the camera

Eila, making a her it's-my-first-Thanksgiving face

Zane, Shaelyn and Eila

Zane, Davia and Eila

Davia and Eila, having a sweet sister moment

Fiona holding baby Eila like a natural

Hope all our friends and family out there had a fun, delicious, safe and stress-free Thanksgiving (or Thursday, for those not in the USA).

lots of love,

Kate, Kane, Shaelyn, Davia and Eila

P.S. To Anne and Nathan and Zane and Fiona, thanks for a great visit and for being such wonderful house guests!


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