A Photo Scavenger Hunt

We had a house full of grumpy grumps Friday afternoon.  The visitors had gone home, the holiday was over, and everyone had been in the house all day when 4pm rolled around.  There were a lot of scowly faces and snappy tones being thrown around.  It was decided by the grown-ups that a trip out of doors was needed for everyone.  But with sundown fast approaching, and with two 8-year-olds who never want to leave the house lately, we had to get creative – and fast!  So Kate and Kane threw together a photo scavenger hunt for the kids.  Wrote down a list of items, and told Shaelyn and Davia that we had a mission.  We had to find and photograph everything on the list, and then we’d get a prize.  The list items were carefully chosen to require a trip outside.  To the grocery store, in fact, as that was the only place we could think of that was a) indoors, b) open the day after Thanksgiving, and c) not a Black Friday shopping destination.

And we completed our mission!  Look…

Here is what we were searching for to photograph.  Please ignore the title of “Treasure Hunt”.  The term “scavenger hunt” slipped our minds until after the game, when we realized that’s exactly what it was.  And we really weren’t hunting for treasure at all.  But who cares!  It’s a game!

A picture of our list (taken after the game was ove













Item #1:  a stop sign

Item # 2:  a bird

We had to get creative for this one, because it was past most birds’ bed time.  So Shaelyn and Davia spotted Tweety Bird in this machine.  We also had to be stealthy, because we didn’t want to get kicked out of the grocery store for photographing the merchandise.  So we made it a picture of the girls.  (Note the yellow bird in the machine.  Item # 2, check!)









Item #3: a blue minivan

We had to be stealthy again here, so that minivan owners who might be watching would not get suspicious.









Item #4:  Davia under a tree

Item #5: Shaelyn next to a mailbox









Item #6: Mama, Kane and Eila in the frozen food aisle









Item #7: slug bug

Item #8: box of Fruity Pebbles cereal











Item #8: Kane holding a lemon to his forehead









#9: a Christmas tree

Mission accomplished!!  And by “mission”, I mean getting the whole family to have fun together for a little while without bickering.  Of course, that lasted until we got back in the car to go home, but hey.  Tis the season for bickering, right?



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  1. Kane
    Nov 26, 2011 @ 03:16:14

    Kate is being very generous. I wish I could take credit for some of this, but it was really her vs. a house full of foot-dragging grumblefaces. I guess you can’t really tell from my face in the pictures, but I was very grateful to have her creativity this evening 🙂


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